The Foa Four Strike Again: Pdawg Looks Back at Episode XII of Survivor 19


After taking a break for US Thanksgiving, Survivor Samoa was back at it with another highly entertaining and dramatic episode.

Let’s take a moment to recap where things are at in the game. As it stands, the original Galu tribe still has five members remaining (John, Monica, Dave, Brett and Shambo) and Foa Foa miraculously have the same four players they came to the merger with (Russell, Jaison, Mick and Nathalie) still intact. The jury to date is made-up entirely of Galu members (Erik, Kelly and Laura) thanks to Foa Foa’s masetful use of the blindside elimination and their alliance with Shambo.

This week’s reward challenge features a Survivor tradition in the form of the good ol’ Survivor auction. Each player received $500 which they could use to bid on various items and unlike other seasons, there was no pooling of money permitted.

The big winners at the auction where all from Foa Foa as Nathalie successfully bid on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and shower with all the fixings. Mick bid all $500 for a huge cheeseburger, fries and beer while Jaison put his $500 down on a tiny scroll that Jeff gives him an advantage at the immunity challenge. In the meantime, Shambo bid $240 on a covered bowl that turns out to be see noodles and slug guts sprinkled with parmesan cheese and Monica won a roasted chicken.

Next up, John spent $200 on a clue to the hidden immunity idol (the one Russell has in his pocket) and $300 on a slice of apple pie. But before he can dig in, Jeff gives him the option of taking the single piece for himself or taking an entire pie that he can share with four other players. John goes it alone and the other take note of his selfishness. Russell let’s us know that John has just dug himself an even bigger grave with his tribe mates.

Back at camp, John goes looking for the idol, but he soon realizes that Russell probably has it. In the meantime, the tribe decides it is time to cook one of their chickens so Russell and Mick kill the bird and Shambo boils it. Dave questions Shambo’s cooking techniques and the two square-off in a shouting match over poultry preparation. That night, Shambo has a dream about voting off Dave which she shares with the Foa Foa team. Russell et al are in agreement; Dave is the next to go.

The immunity challenge is a test of will and strength as each player must hold a heavy board tied to a rope with just one hand, the degree of difficulty growing every few minutes as the players must slide their hands down the rope adding leverage to the board. Jaison learns that he has the advantage of getting to move his hand up the rope (making it easier) twice during the challenge as a result of his auction item. At the end, it comes down to Dave and Jaison, with the latter taking the win thanks to his advantage he gained at the auction. My guess is Jaison would have been out early if he had not ‘bought’ his way to immunity – smart move I guess.

With tribal council on the horizon and Dave the obvious choice to go next, the players start jockeying for position. John approaches Russell and reminds him of the deal they made when he flipped and voted for Laura (Russell agreed to sacrifice one of his own Foa Foa players in exchange for John’s vote for Laura). John wants Mick to go and then teases out the fact that Russell does have the immunity idol.

Realizing that he doesn’t need John anymore, especially since he knows about the idol, Russell begins masterminding a plan to blindside John. First he gets Dave on board, letting him know that if he and Monica don’t vote for John, Dave will be going home. Dave assures Russell that Monica questions John’s loyalty and Russell brings the Foa Foa around to his plan to get rid of John because he is a major threat.

At tribal council it was obvious that both John and Shambo were completely in the dark with the way the vote would go down. Once Jeff read the votes and John was asked to leave, Shambo’s mouth was left wide open as she began to put two-and-two together. Everyone voted for John except for her and John himself…Shambo is once again on the outside, looking in.

With another blindside under his belt, Russell is once again establishing himself as the one to beat in Survivor 19. Previous for this week’s episode show Mick starting to realize that Russell is way too powerful to stay in the game. Is another blindside looming?

The Scribe has spoken…

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