Galu Loses Its Matriarch: Pdawg Looks Back at Episode X of Survivor 19


Only a short three weeks ago it looked certain that the inevitable winner of Survivor 19 would come from the Galu tribe. They had a commanding 8-4 advantage in players and they seemed smart enough to realize that it is never a good idea to let a weakened tribe back in the game. But, here we are at episode ten and Galu has all but self-destructed. I’m not saying a Foa Foa player will win the $1,000,000, but it sure is starting to look that way – even my pre-season pick Mick still has a chance; he’s all but flown under the radar so far not making any enemies and playing the game with dignity and honesty. Only time will tell.

In episode ten, the Galu tribe is shown coming apart at the seams after being blindsided by Foa Foa plus Shambo in the elimination of Kelly. While Dave congratulates Russell on his bold and strategic move, Laura and the Galu girls struggle to deal with their loss. Shambo takes great pleasure in Laura’s disappointment and vows to help Russell find another hidden idol or win immunity to knock Laura out of the game one and for all.

Shambo begins her crusade by trying to get John in on the plan to remove Laura. John is no dummy and realizes that Shambo has flipped and his alliance is slowly fading away. While he doesn’t commit to axing Laura, he does realize that John needs to do what’s right for John.

At the reward challenge the tribe is divided in to two groups of 5 to compete in one of the coolest games to date. One player from each team is suspended in the air face down on a board attached to four ropes that the other players manoeuvre in order to guide their team-mate to pick-up fifteen flags, one at a time, and place them in their appropriate numbered spot. The team of Russell, Brett, Dave, Laura and Natalie take an early lead and due to the flexibility of Nathalie and strength of Russell, Brett and Dave, easily win the reward. The winners are off on an airplane trip to another island to enjoy a picnic lunch, more waterfalls and a snazzy new Palm Pre phone to capture photos of their journey. The phone also includes a clue to the location of the newly hidden idol and a video. All they know is that “a rolling stone gathers no moss” and they have a photo of a mossy rock. More than enough for Russell!

When the challenge winners return to camp, the hunt for the idol is on. Dave sticks close to Russell and at one point, Dave looks at a few rocks but doesn’t find the idol. Recalling the photo from the phone, Russell believes Dave has found the location of the idol so he attempts to lure him away from the rocks by jogging off in to the jungle. Dave takes the bait and Russell quickly doubles back to the rocks Dave had been looking at and, with very little effort, finds the idol. This guy is amazing.

The immunity challenge is another two-parter. First, the players throw a rock at coloured plates. Each plate of their own colour that they break equals one spear in the second part of the challenge. Not much excitement here as Mick wins immunity meaning Laura is fully exposed for the first time in two weeks.

Back at camp and with the idol once again in his pocket, Russell tries to get John to vote for Laura. Right now it’s 5-5. Spit down the middle. Five votes for Laura and five for someone on Foa Foa (either Russell or Nathalie). Shambo reveals to her former Galu team that she is voting Laura and they all realize that the vote will be a tie. The rules of Survivor state that in the event of a tie, the two players at risk are removed from the vote and there is a re-vote. If it’s still tied, all the players draw stones – the one with a different colour is out of the game – like drawing the shortest straw.

Galu tries to come up with a plan to get Nathalie out of the game by risking John. They will tell Foa Foa that they are voting John, but then actually vote for Nathalie. Everyone likes this idea except for John. He suggests they tell Foa Foa they are voting for Brett instead of him. In the meantime, Shambo and Russell try to convince John that leaving his fate to chance – the rock thing – is a bad idea. Eventually, Russell and John reach an agreement. If the vote is tied after the first round, John will flip in the second round as long as Russell agrees to vote out a Foa Foa member next vote. They shake on it.

At tribal you can cut the tension with a knife. Everyone is vulnerable tonight. Laura and John could be going from Galu while Russell and Nathalie have their necks on the line for Foa Foa. The vote goes as expected and is tied at 5-5. Jeff explains the rules and there is a second vote. Dramatically it comes down to the final vote and John stays true to his word and flips on Galu. Laura is the latest Galu player to be cannibalized by her own tribe.

The Scribe has spoken…

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