DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Push – This is the big release of the week, and the film can be described as a low grade X-Men, if the X-Men characters were just regular human beings, and didn’t have fancy costumes. Would you know that they live among us? The film stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning as characters with special powers who are trying to find another like themselves. The other is the only known person to have escaped a place that is apparently inescapable. Reviews have been mixed, but they do give the film points for trying. It’s an interesting premise, that might be worth checking out.

Grey Gardens – This is a HBO movie that was originally a famous documentary, and then a musical, and now it’s a fictionalized film. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange star in the film about Big and Lil Edie Bouvie Beale. Lange gives a great performance from what I have read, while Barrymore fares all right in her role. Definitely a film for females.

The Haunting in Connecticut – This film had one of the most frightening trailers, and best posters of 2009. The funny thing is, I don’t care to see the film. Weird! Usually I get sucked in by marketing campaigns, but not for this film. There is not much to write about for this film, because the title says it all. A house is haunted in Connecticut. Check it out if you want a good scare.

Mad Men: Season 2 – One of the most acclaimed shows on television today, Mad Men: Season 2 arrives on DVD, and is a good, but not great season, but it was hard to live up to how great season 1 was [or so I hear, as I have actually not seen the show myself]. The good thing about Mad Men is that the seasons are short, so buy this season, and season 1, and catch up on what all the fuss is about. For fans of 30 Rock, this is the show that Jon Hamm regularly does, so you’ll want to see why he is such a popular actor right now.

ER: Season 11 – Can you believe Season 11 is already out on DVD? Only 4 more season to go to complete your collection. When you hit the 11th season, I doubt many people by seasons as a one of. You have to be hardcore to buy seasons that have 2 digits in them. The Chicago set hospital drama continues in doing what it does best, but this season is most notable for Ray Liotta’s guest appearance, which he won an Emmy award for.

Next week has the big DVD release of the year. All I’ll say is “Who Watches The Watchmen?”

Until next week!

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