Trailer Time: The Box

One of my favourite films of the past decade is director Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko. The performances are soild, the story, featuring time travel and a very scary rabbit, was original and compelling, the soundtrack of 80’s music always gets my heart jumping and my toes tapping. Even though the movie received a limited box office release (thanks in no small part to 9/11 and the films use of a plane crash), Donnie Darko has built up a huge following thanks to the DVD.

Kelly’s second film was the much maligned Southland Tales. Having watched it recently on DVD, it deserves its reputation. It’s quite possibly one of the worst film I’ve seen (though Justin Timberlake’s Killers lyp sync does save it from being a total wash). In my book, Richard Kelly is 50/50 with his cinematic endeavours, which means his next film, The Box, is going to break the tie one way or the other.

Based on a short sotry by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) and adapted to television for the 1980’s version of The Twillight Zone, the trailer for The Box is fairly self explanatory, with married couple James Marsden and Cameron Diaz faced with an uncomfortable choice to make. The trailer leaves me with a very Eyes Wide Shut vibe to it, except with no sex and southern accents.

Check it out below. The Box hits theaters October 30th.

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