DVD Tuesday With Scotty G

Not a very strong week for new releases, but we have some hidden gems coming out today.

Waltz with Bashir – This film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film, and appeared on many critics Top 10 lists. The film is animated, but do not let that fool you, as it deals with heavy subject matter. Waltz With Bashir deals with a man trying to reconstruct his memories of the first Lebanon War by interviewing friends and colleagues from that time to hopefully spark his memory. It’s an interesting premise, and should be worth checking out.

Inkheart – Brandon Fraser’s latest was nowhere near as a big a hit as Journey to the Center of the Earth or The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The basic plot is that there is a magic book that bad people get a hold of, and the good people have to get it back to restore order. I’ll admit that the previous sentence might be the worst summary of a film that I have ever written. It is essentially a poor man’s Harry Potter tale.

Confessions of a Shopaholic – Isla Fisher was supposed to be a breakout star with this film, but unfortunately it did not quite turn out that way. This Jerry Bruckheimer produced film did all right at the box office, but not great. The basic premise is a shopaholic has to curb her spending habits, and hilarity ensues. This summary might be the second worst I have ever written. If you like films where you can figure out the plot 10 minutes in, this might be the film for you. If not, then avoid it.

The Pink Panther 2 – The first film did all right, but a sequel was not necessary. I’m not the only who thinks this, because when this film opened in theatres, it died a horrible death. I like Steve Martin so I will be checking this out because of that, but if you’re not a fan, I don’t know why you would want to watch this.

Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection – Chuck Jones was a legendary animator from Warner Bros. He was part of the famous gang at Termite Terrace who made some of the most memorable Looney Tunes in history. He eventually made his way to MGM to put his own spin on the Tom and Jerry cartoons, and this collection represents what he did. I am a big fan of animation, and even though I’m not the biggest Tom and Jerry fan, I still want to check this out.

My Dinner with Andre – One of the most talked about art-house films when it came out, the entire film deals with two people talking over dinner at a restaurant. Louis Malle directed this classic, and it is one of those films that will either intrigue you in the first 10 minutes and you’ll keep watching, or you’ll think it is a waste of time because you don’t care what the characters are talking about. Most people find it intriguing, and if you haven’t seen, it’s worth picking up.

Until Next Tuesday!

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