Trailer Time: Zombieland

We love zombies at Biff Bam Pop! No doubt about it. Which means there’s nothing more exciting than news of a few new zombie films on the way. Currently in the works is George A. Romero’s untitled 6th zombie film (though there’s the talk that it will be called Island of the Dead since it is supposed to take place…on an island). There’s also Zombieland, which is due out October 9th and takes place in a post-Apocalyptic America overrun by the undead. Check out the trailer below, won’t you?

Zombieland is written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also created Spike TV’s The Joe Schmo Show, one of the funniest and sweetest reality programs I’ve ever watched. Clearly, the makers of Zombieland are playing this one for laughs, which may or may not work. Remember, one of the greatest zombie films of all time, Shaun Of The Dead, was the perfect combination of comedy and horror. But you also had three contemporary comic geniuses in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright behind it. What Zombieland does have going for it is the presence of Woody Harrelson. Has any other talented actor been less utilized this decade than Harrelson? Put him in the right role, like in Natural Born Killers or The People Vs Larry Flynt, and he’s as good a leading man as you could ask for. Woody looks pumped and ready to go in Zombieland, though I’m sure none of us will be terribly surprised to see him undead by film’s end. Another plus for the film, or at least the trailer – the use of Van Halen’s “Everybody Wants Some”. There’s one song that hasn’t been overused in any films, and has the tribal drums that just scream edginess. Good call on whoever chose the trailer music.

Zombieland looks like it will be going the fast/running zombie route, which is fine by me, though I’ve always been one for the slower, Romero take on the undead. At the end of the day, I’m just happy to see another zombie film coming to theaters, even as I continue the long wait for the announcement of 28 Months Later. Come on Danny Boyle – you’ve got your Oscar, now give us more British zombies!

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