Biff Bam Unboxed! Andy B Unboxes Neil Young’s Archives Volume 1

Our first unboxing is here, and it’s a good one! Click the video below to see what goodies are waiting for us in the first volume of Neil Young’s mammoth Archives Volume 1.

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  1. Chrsitmas in June for the Editor-in-Chief.

    Strangely compelling subject.

    Wonderfully directed by an auteur.

    Very nice addition to the site.

  2. Dude. When you asked the question, Neil answered July, not June. You may not be aware of this, but you started some pretty major shit in Neil Young Fandom…”July” sorta became code for: Never or, “Yeah, Right”. On all of the Neil Young Communities, July became part of the vernacular. and you appearently had no idea. Pretty cool…huh?

  3. Wow. I literally had no idea. That's actually fairly cool. I could have sworn he said June. I wish I had the footage somewhere. Thanks for touching base!

  4. The mp3 card also comes with the DVD version.

  5. But was it worth all that money is now the question. I mean lets see Fillmore, Massey Hall, and Sugar Mountain were all out there. Then there is the whole we thought there would be more unreleased stuff. I mean when I played my Archives Be Dammend disc before I got a 'copy' of th real set. THe first discs are pretty much idenical.

    Also it's been since about the late 80's that the fans first heard of this set. 20 YEARS!

    Vol. 2 better come out quick, espeically since that is the one I'm truly looking for. Just think of what might be on it. More Time Fades Away era shows, hell how about just Time Fades Away*, Rust Never Sleeps Tour shows, the 76 tour which supposedly was all filmed. The original Chrome Dreams, and other such abandond albums.

    Who knows, but I get the feeling we will be waiting a very long time or until some new media type is discovered that will make blu-ray obsolete.

    Now back to listening to all my Neil bootlegs

    *I've got a copy from the HDCD that was pulled at last minute if interested.

  6. Borders has an online 40% off coupon (for one item). If you use it toward the Blu Ray Archives Box set, it's $210 plus tax. (coupon expires 6/21)

  7. Jumping in on this kind of late, but I just got the Archives. I was amazed at how many people have posted videos just about opening them… pretty crazy stuff. Bruce, yes, the Blu Ray is completely worth it. It took 20 years for the box set to come out because Blu Ray hadn’t been invented yet. I read about this on Gary Burden’s website (, Neil’s friend and album designer since 1970. Gary said “When we started to think about how to present it,we quickly realized  there just wasn't the kind of technology back then to fully implement Neil's vision.” For anyone else who’s a huge Neil fan, you should check out Gary’s site… I thought it was neat to read the stories by the other man behind the genius of the Archives 🙂

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