Pdawg’s Webtrotting: Gameday

Welcome to Webtrotting.

First, let me come clean and tell you that I am by no means an online guru or techie. If you’re looking for highly technical discussion or a geek’s POV on the internet, there are hundreds of blogs out there for you to check out.

What I hope to do with the Webtrotting column is provide you, the Biff Bam Pop! Reader, with some interesting, entertaining and hopefully useful insights in to the wonderful world of the world wide web.

I don’t know about you, but I increasingly find myself spending more and more time in front of a computer screen while at home and in the office. To maintain my sanity, I have taken to implementing mandatory “surfing breaks” throughout the day – think of these as a coffee/smoke break for the non-coffee drinker/smoker. This is a practice I implemented almost seven years ago while working for a PR agency. Practically strapped to my desk, I would take a few moments each day to search out interesting or amusing stories and images to share with my co-workers who found themselves equally unable to break free from their work. These weren’t the usual chain-letter jokes or Photoshop-enhanced images; rather, I passed along bizarre news stories, press releases and video clips that either made you think or made you laugh. Under the guise of ‘media monitoring’ (part of every PR practitioners job description), I felt like I was providing my colleagues with a much needed service…the same service I now hope to provide to you.

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing links to cool websites, funny clips and interesting online commentaries. I also hope to provide you with some stats on web usage, trends and emerging online and mobile technology – again, I’m no techie so bear with me.

To kick things off, I thought I’d share something with the baseball fans out there. Major League Baseball has developed a rather impressive tool that allows fans to do more than just watch a live baseball game on their computers. With MLB Gameday, fans are able to open a multi-pane window on their desktops and follow along with all the action in real-time. What makes the Gameday environment so much more fun than just watching a game passively is that it is interactive and provides the user with more stats than the typical play-by-play announcer.

For example, users get a pitch-by-pitch breakdown of every at-bat with information such as type of pitch (fastball, curveball etc.), umpires call (strike or ball) and even the speed of the ball at the time it left the pitcher’s hand versus its arrival in the catcher’s glove…pretty cool. The best part about it, is it is completely free! MLB is also offering a Premium version of Gameday on a subscription basis for about $20 for the entire season. Other than adding live audio and enhanced scouting reports that include player tendencies for the ultimate Fantasy Baseball player, I think the basic Gameday experience is more than enough. Don’t believe me? Check it out at some point this season by visiting www.bluejays.com and clicking on the Gameday link. There is also a Gameday app available for your iPhone/iTouch.

Happy Surfing…

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  1. I used this myself for a couple of Jays game – they do a wicked job. It’s not like TV (they should integrate their online video service for a fee – that would be tres cool), but it’s better than anything else I’ve seen online…

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