DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Not a lot of “big” films out on DVD today, but an interesting bunch nonetheless.

JCVD – It’s amazing that this is the best reviewed movie being released this week, but it’s not one that many people saw. JCVD garnered a lot of critical kudos, and some people were even comparing Jean Claude Van Damme’s comeback performance to that of Mickey Rourke’s in The Wrestler. It has peaked my interest, and the plot sounds intriguing. Van Damme plays “himself”, he goes to a bank, but ends up being part of a bank robbery. The question is, did he orchestrate it, or is he the victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time?

The Uninvited – I like Elizabeth Banks. She’s an actress who seems to be in at least one new movie a month. I’m exaggerating, but I always enjoy her presence on screen. She usually plays a likeable character. In The Uninvited, she plays against type, playing an evil stepmom. The trailer didn’t really sell me on the film, so I’m not really interested to see how it plays out. Reviews were far from glowing [not-surprisingly considering the genre], so it’s only to be checked out if you want some scares.

X-Men: The 90’s Cartoon Series – A staple of my weekday afternoons, X-Men: The Cartoon Series was the show that got me into X-Men. It finally comes out on DVD to coincide with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Smart tie-in, and I thought it was one of the better after school offerings on TV in my youth. Check it out.

Bride Wars – I swear that the trailer for this film was in every single movie that I saw in the month of December. Although I like Anne Hathaway, and depending on the film I like Kate Hudson, but this film did not appeal to me at all. The trailer explains the plot pretty well. Two friends have their dream wedding scheduled on the same day, and just like in Highlander, there can be only one. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a film that was a mix of Bride Wars and Highlander. There’s potential, I swear! You know what you’re getting with this film. By the way, Bride Wars is one of the worst reviewed of the year, standing at 12% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hotel for Dogs – Another film with a premise that didn’t really interest me, although I give points to movies that explain the plot in the title. It doesn’t have a bad cast, so if you’re a fan of Don Cheadle or Lisa Kudrow, it might be worth seeing to watch their supporting performances, but make no mistake, the stars in these films are the animals, so if you like dogs check it out. [Side note – see Marley and Me or Old Yeller if you want to see a movie about dogs]

Legally Blondes – An unnecessary direct-to-DVD sequel about two blonde sisters showing people that you should never judge anyone by their looks. For fans of the first two only. Don’t be fooled, although it says Reese Witherspoon presents on the DVD, she is nowhere to be found in the movie [or so I’ve been told].

The Jetsons: The Movie – I remember seeing this movie as a kid. I remember liking this movie as a kid. Unfortunately I have found with age, movies I liked as a kid are not very good. Case in point, Police Academy was a masterpiece when I was 8, it is not now. For nostalgia purposes, it’s worth checking out.

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