DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Only two major releases coming out on DVD this week.

The Reader – Kate Winslet won her first Oscar for her performance in this Holocaust themed drama. The film was a surprising pick when it was nominated for Best Picture, as many critics were not impressed with the film overall, although Winslet did get praised for her performance. The Reader is being sold primarily on its Oscar for Best Actress. I’m always interested in seeing Ralph Fiennes on screen, but I prefer him as a villain.

The Spirit – It was one of the biggest flops at the box office at Christmas time, and it is not hard to see why. The Spirit is a film with a lot of style, and very little substance. You don’t care for the plot, the lead is not that engaging, and everyone is playing their performances way over the top, to the point that it becomes hokey [Yep – I said hokey]. If you’re a fan of Frank Miller, it might be worth checking out, but you should skip over this film, as it is not worth your time.

Until Next Week.

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