DVD Tuesday With Scotty G

Another Tuesday, another new batch of DVDs!

Slumdog Millionaire – The Best Picture winner makes it way onto DVD this week. The film deserved every bit of praise it received and tells the story of a poor boy competing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. It’s one of those films that has a little bit of everything in it. Some action, some comedy, drama, romance, musical numbers, and torture. You should come out smiling after you see it for all the right reasons [not like in the movie The Naked Gun, when Frank Drebin walks out of Platoon laughing, although I always find that part funny].

Marley and Me – I’ll admit that I knew nothing about this film when I saw it. Based on John Grogan’s book, the film is about the worst dog in the world – Marley. For anyone who has ever had a dog, or anyone who loves dogs, obviously Marley and Me is for you. I will say that I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the film. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston give solid performances, and I know that I’ll take some flack for saying this, but they gave a realistic portrayal of what it is like growing up middle class. Dealing with newlyweds, getting a dog, having many kids, struggling with bills, having fights, making up, this film is a lot better than the trailers would have you believe. I will say that you should have some Kleenex near by when you watch Marley and Me.

Seven Pounds – Will Smith’s latest misfired at the box office, but it’s still an intriguing film. The story is about Smith helping out seven strangers. None of them no each other, and none of them really know the real reason why he’s helping them out or has helped them out in the past. The film does drag at parts, but Will gives an understated performance which he took some undeserved flack for. Seven Pounds is a quieter film, and it should find an audience on DVD. It’s by no means his best work, but it’s still a nice addition to his resume. Rosario Dawson, Barry Pepper, and Woody Harrelson also star.

Ricky Gervais: Out of England – If you’re a fan of Gervais, then you’ll want to own his HBO Comedy Special. It is funny, but some of the jokes are from his appearances on talk shows. Still, he’s a funny guy, and it’s worth checking out for some laughs.

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations – It’s not a misprint. This Direct-To-DVD sequel does not star Mr. Demi Moore, and is for fans only. I’ve never seen the original or the Direct-To-DVD sequel, so I’m not interested in the franchise, but if you are, it’s out on DVD.

Next week – you can look forward too Doubt, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Bedtime Stories, Yes Man, and The Tale of Desperaux

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