Trailer Time: Drag Me To Hell

How does Sam Raimi wash the stench of his failed Spider-Man 3 off? By going back to where it all began for him – horror. There’s been lots of talk about Raimi’s forthcoming new film Drag Me To Hell for a while, with Ellen Page originally up for the lead role which eventually went to Allison Lohman. Today the trailer for the film was finally released.

On first view, Drag Me To Hell looks a lot more serious than Raimi’s previous forays into horror (the Evil Dead trilogy), but it also clearly has a far bigger budget. And if the Spidey flicks have taught us anything about Sam Raimi, it’s that the guy knows how to put every penny he’s got up on the screen.

Check out the trailer for Drag Me To Hell here. It’s in theatres May 29th.

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