DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Not another strong week in the land of DVD, but here are some of the films that are coming out:

High School Musical 3: Senior Year – I have not seen any of these movies, and people who watch them, like them. This film is what it is – safe entertainment that families can enjoy. It is the biggest title being released this week, and I’m sure it will top the sales and rentals charts. I’m not saying you should see it, I’m just saying it’s out today. That’s all.

Body of Lies – I like Ridley Scott films. I think Russell Crowe is one of the 3 best actors in Hollywood today. Leonardo DiCaprio is always entertaining to watch [this guy could have made rom-coms for the rest of his life, but he picks challenging roles all the time, and I’m always interested to see his body of work]. Unfortunately the pairing of these 3 heavyweights did not translate into gold at the box office. Having said that, I think Ridley Scott films are the best looking films in Hollywood. It may not be any of their best films, but even their less successful films are entertaining.

Changeling – Angelina Jolie is nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of a mom who doesn’t believe that the corrupt LAPD has really found her son. Clint Eastwood directed this film, and from all accounts, this is the weaker of those he directed this year. On a side note – can you believe the output Clint has done over the past several years? Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Changeling, and Gran Torino [the only one of those films I don’t like is Flags of our Fathers]. 3 Oscar Nominations for Best Director in his past 6 films [1 win for Million Dollar Baby]. No one in Hollywood is a more consistent director than Clint.

Religulous – Bill Maher is always entertaining to watch. From his shows “Politically Incorrect” to “Real Time with Bill Maher”, he offers up interesting takes on world issues [all right, maybe just American issues, but it’s still entertaining]. Add in the fact that Larry Charles is the director [he most recently directed Borat, and has a distinguished track record. Just IMDB him]. This film looks to be a lot of fun, and any poster with monkeys wearing “Pope Hats” [I heard that in a film somewhere, and just thought the term was funny], has to be good – right?

Quarantine – This is a film where I don’t know a single soul who has seen it. It got a good size release, but it didn’t stick around too long. It got decent reviews for a horror film, [Whenever I say decent for a horror movie, anything above 50% on Rotten Tomatoes is decent to me – for a horror film]. It’s only 89 minutes, so like one of my favourite episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, I use the saying – “It’s short. It wins!]

Flash of Genius – This movie felt more like a TV movie to me [I can’t say I thought of that line, as I read that a lot when it came out in theatres]. It’s interesting to find out about the drama surrounding the invention of the intermittent windshield wiper. The performances are decent, but you leave the theatre forgetting what you just saw. It’s a rental for sure.


Choke – If you are a fan of Chuck Palahniuk [and if you’ve read Fight Club or seen the movie, then how are you not a fan of this man], then you’ve probably been anxiously waiting for this movie to come out. Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston star in this adaptation, and with those two stars alone, it should interest you.

Midnight Meat Train – This film was basically dumped onto theatres just to give it a release. Not much effort was put behind it [which I don’t get – you spend money to make a movie – millions of dollars – and then you don’t even give it a half decent promotion – C’MON!] Well, distribution issues aside, if you’re a fan of Clive Barker, then you know what you’re going to get. Yep – people getting chopped up like meat, on a train, around midnight [I always appreciate titles that tell you what the movie is about. Just like Zack and Miri Make A Porno – now I know the plot of the movie]. Check out Andy B’s original review here.

I’m always interested in your feedback. Let us know what you think of these movies. Trust me March gets better for DVD releases.

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