Scotty G’s Weekend Box Office Wrap Up – The Anti-Valentine’s Day Film Triumphs

Well, for my first week of predictions, I correctly picked all 5 movies in the Top 5. I just had the order wrong:

Scotty G’s Prediction

1) Friday the 13th – $35 million

2) Confessions of a Shopaholic – $22 million

3) He’s Just Not That Into You – $16 million

4) Taken – $12 million

5) Coraline – $10 million

Actual Weekend #’s

1) Friday the 13th – $42.2 millon

2) He’s Just Not That Into You – $19.6 million

3) Taken – $19.2 million

4) Confessions of a Shopaholic – $15.4 million

5) Coraline – $15.3 million

If estimates hold, there were 7 movies this weekend that grossed over $10 million as Paul Blart and The International came in at 6 and 7 with $11.7 million and $10million respectively.

The story for me is not the opening for Friday the 13th [it’s budget was only $19 million, so get ready for the sequels], or the disappointment of Bruckheimer’s Confessions of a Shopaholic [people wanted their movie with star power, so they went with HJNTIY], but it’s the fact that Taken is the number 3 movie in North America. Get this – it only had a 6.3% drop from last weekend. No film in recent memory has held up this well. I would never have guessed that this film would gross $100 million, but it’s already at $77 million. Good for Liam Neeson and Fox. As mentioned before, this film is almost a year old [It opened in France in Feb. ’08, and was out in the U.K. in Sept. ’08], so the fact that it could have been torrented for a year in North America, and is still putting up these numbers is amazing.

Coraline also held up well off only 9.1 %. The weekend was a good one for Paul Blart as it was up 7.5%. That’s correct. More people say Paul Blart this week than last week.

Next week we have Madea Goes To Jail and Fired Up opening, but we have the Oscars on Sunday night. I’ll give my thoughts on who I think should win the Oscars throughout the week.

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