Andy B’s Preview: 90210

Say it with me.

“Donna Martin graduates!”

It’s still got that ring to it, doesn’t it? The sound of anti-authority behaviour. Because those kids at West Beverly High were nothing if not true rebels that knew how to piss off the man and rally the troops.

“Donna Martin graduates!”

I still remember watching that premier episode of Beverly Hills 90210. It was 1990. I was 13 years old, fresh into high school, and I could relate to the fish out of water situation Minnesota natives Brandon and Brenda Walsh found themselves. I remember watching Brandon get into the hot tub with some girl in that first episode and thinking “wow, if this is what high school’s going to be like, I’m going to have an awesome four years”.

It wasn’t and I didn’t.

I probably remember too much about the show. Like how Emily Valentine spiked Brandon’s drink with Euphoria, a drug that made people feel “alive”. Or how Brenda and Dylan were listening to “Losing My Religion” when they broke up for the first time. I remember when Brandon’s university girlfriend Susan insisted he not take a job with a paper out of state, only to ditch him when a similar opportunity came her way. I always liked Susan though, or maybe I just liked the actress who played her, Emma Caulfield. She’d show up on Buffy The Vampire Slayer a few years later and she was great on that show too.

I digress.

A brand new 90210 hits tv this Tuesday night, a last ditch ploy by the CW Network in the U.S. to try and score some ratings. They’ve got some fresh faces, the Peach Pit, and the same theme song from back in the day. You know, the one you can hum right now, even if you won’t admit that you can. While a name and a catchy tune probably aren’t enough to drag old school viewers back, the new 90210 has two weapons of mass destruction that just might do the trick.

Jenny Garth and Shannon Doherty. All grown up and back playing the rolls that got one of them on Charmed and the other a slot on Dancing With The Stars. Now we can finally find out the answer to the questions that have plagued us all for years?

“Did Brenda make it as an actor?” “Did Kelly ever have a relapse?”

Of course, you’re probably wondering were Ian Ziering is. I’m guessing the producers won’t take his phone calls.

The buzz on 90210 is pretty hot right now, and I’m sure the show will debut with some solid numbers for at least one week. But will the new millennium version of a 90’s cultural phenomenon have what it takes to turn the fortunes of an ailing network? Will it become another guilty pleasure like Gossip Girl but with better ratings? Or will it sink like a stone, just like that remake of The Bionic Woman that none of us watched even though it had Katee Sackhoff as a regular.

Will you tune in or is that fact that Tori Spelling is M.I.A. sullied you on the whole endeavour? Enquiring minds want to know.

But wait. Can you hear them? Off in the distance? The children of West Beverly. What sweet music they make.

“Donna Martin graduates!”

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  1. I’ve had a look, and, well, the best thing I’ve seen so far is Doherty’s revealing dress in your post. When I saw the posters for this in St. George station the other day, I shook my head. I continue to do this.

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