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Hi there. Welcome to Biff Bam Pop! We’re so glad that you found us. Unless you’re family members who feel that you need to support us and our whims. In that case, thanks for reading about things you have no interest in, Mom.

Whatever your reason for being here, we’re glad you are. Consider this your new source for pop culture inspired ramblings and observations from a group of writers who know what they’re talking about (or can fake it really well). We at Biff Bam Pop plan on covering a variety of topics, from movies and music to video games and comic books. Our writers have a lot to say and look forward to sharing their thoughts and insights with you. When a big story breaks that fits what we’re doing here, expect to see us talking about it. When we read or hear or watch something we think you’ll find compelling, we’ll be sure to write about it. Biff Bam Pop will be starting this week, along with some brief bios of our contributors. We hope you enjoy what you read and come back often!

Excelsior! (wait, wait…that’s been taken)

Biff Bam Pop!

Andy B


Biff Bam Pop!

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