Andy Burns is the Editorial Manager for SiriusXM Canada, and has been the Editor-In-Chief of the pop culture website Biff Bam Pop! since its inception in 2008. Andy's book, Wrapped In Plastic: Twin Peaks, was published in 2015 by ECW Press. His second, This Dark Chest of Wonders: 40 Years of Stephen King's The Stand, was published by Cemetery Dance in 2018 and was followed in 2021 by The Art and Making of The Stand, which chronicled the creation of the Paramount+/Amazon Prime series for Titan Books.
Cabin at the end of the World Knock at the Cabin

Dave Bautista Delivers in “Knock at the Cabin,” Based on Paul Tremblay’s “The Cabin at the End of the World”

Knock at the Cabin features striking visuals and an outstanding performance by Dave Bautista, but it won’t replace Paul Tremblay’s original novel.