Celebrate Black History Month With ‘DC Power: A Celebration #1’ On The Wednesday Run

In case you already didn’t know, February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month. Among many things, the month is set as annual event here in North America (and growing throughout the world) that serves as a way of remembering, honoring and celebrating black individuals and their contributions to society. The month is also used as a means of more formally educating ourselves and each other on black history that shapes who we all are today – and where our society and culture may be heading.

In the realm of pop culture, and comic books specifically, Black History Month has been used as a way for publishers to highlight some of their black characters, superheroes one and all (and sometimes cool villains, too), that might not appear in regularly published material.

Some of those characters deserve a spotlight on the stage. Some of them even command it!

DC Comics has gotten in on the act and released an oversized one-shot today, to help put a focus on amazing characters that we either already know – or are just learning about – as well as the creative voices that make those heroes so great with DC Power: A Celebration #1.   

Written and illustrated by a host of black comic book talent including Chuck Brown, Morgan Hampton, Stephanie Williams, Evan Narcisse, ChrisCross, Darryl Banks, Clayton Henry, Valentine De Landro and many others, DC Power: A Celebration #1 turns to stories featuring some expected and some unexpected heroes in the DC Universe.    

Here, you’ll find short story celebrations that present characters such as Cyborg (Titans), John Stewart (Green Lantern), Aqualad (from the Aquaman family, naturally), Kid Flash (from the Flash family, naturally), Batwing (from the larger Batman series of comic books), Vixen (Justice League) and many, many others!  

DC Power: A Celebration #1 is a way for the creators involved to voice their stories on a platform that everyone has access to…and can see. Perhaps even more importantly, the comic book one-shot is a way for readers to interact with, see themselves, and maybe learn about, some of the greatest superheroes DC Comics has in their enviable stable of characters.

Get in on the festivities and celebrate Black History Month with the rest of us! Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the heroically oversized and absolutely wonderful, DC Power: A Celebration #1 today!  


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