Celebrate An 80th Birthday With ‘Marvel Comics #1000’ On The Wednesday Run

Everyone and everything is in Marvel Comics #1000. Take a close look. You’ll even find the kitchen sink.

That’s how encompassing, how detailed, how extravagant…and how utterly enjoyable, Marvel Comics #1000 is. It’s a brilliant celebration of everything that has come before in Marvel Comics throughout its 80-year old lore, and, for the superheroes we all know and love, a mysterious promise of adventure and danger to come!

Marvel Comics has spared no expense when it comes to the publication of the 80-page giant, square-bound book. There are hundreds of creators on tap here: writers, artists, inkers, colourists and letters, each telling a 1-page story featuring Marvel characters and scenarios from the 80-year published history.

That’s fantastic!

But there’s also a current mystery afoot within the pages of Marvel Comics #1000…a plot thread that began with the publication of Marvel Comics #1, way back in 1939!

Marvel Comics #1000, Marvel Comics, comic books, Marvel Comics #1000
Written By: Al Ewing and Various
Illustrated By: Various
Published By: Marvel Comics

Head writer Al Ewing has crafted the most eggy of Easter Eggs here.

Hidden within eighty years of publication history, the Eternity Mask has popped up, in strange and albeit brief, ways, echoing through every era of comic books: the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age (a personal favourite), and the Modern Age.

In Marvel Comics #1000, a celebration of eighty years of sequential art and pop culture, the Eternity Mask serves a storytelling purpose that will come home to roost…sometime in the (near) future!

The lure of Marvel Comics #1000 is seeing how important this particular artifact is over decades and decades of comic book history. But the hook is all the creative individuals that are participating in that celebratory story.

Everyone is here, all the industry big names: from Jason Aaron to Jim Zub, from Daniel Acuna to Patch Zircher, from Jesus Aburtov to Chip Zdarsky, from Michael Allred to John Workman and from Alex Ross to Scottie Young.

Marvel Comics #1000 is as big as a book as you’re ever likely to find! And lucky us – it comes in 24 different covers, by a plethora of the industry’s top artists, to choose from!

But no birthday is complete without guests and a party!

Local participating comic book shops across the globe will be hosting a Marvel’s 80th birthday shindig with plenty of events and giveaways and good times. Perhaps there will be cake and candles, too, but be sure to keep them supervised around all that four-colour glory!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today (and again on Saturday, August 31st for the official party) and pick up Marvel Comics #1000…before the sequel Marvel Comics #1001 drops next month!

The weekly The Wednesday Run, will be taking a hiatus for a few months in order for JP Fallavollta to spend some time moving address locations, setting up an office, and putting together shelving to stack his formidable comic book collection. All after assembling the kid’s new playroom, of course. Then he might catch up on some overdue comic book reading, right before continuing with #TheWednesdayRun!

Until then, make your weekly Wednesday run – and see you at the local comic book store!

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