31 Days Of Horror: Even Superheroes Get Scared In ‘Avengers Halloween Special #1’ On The Wednesday Run

With today’s release of Avengers Halloween Special #1 (don’t expect a second issue any time soon!), you’ll see that even your favourite Marvel Comics superheroes can get scared at this time of year!

Trick or treat, indeed, true believers!

It’s not like horror and terror and things that go bump in the night is new to Marvel Comics. This is the company that has recently given us various publications of Marvel Zombies over the years. An undead Wolverine shambling across the grounds of Professor Xavier’s School of the (deadly) gifted! A decomposing Captain America staring into the (dead) eyes of D.C. congressmen at the nation’s capital!

Marvel Zombies was a beloved title…by those that, uh, be-loved such things. It was fun, after all, and caught the wings of the zombie-popularity that was, and still is, ruling the pop culture landscape.

Marvel Comics has never shied away from dark-themed comics. In fact, the comic book publisher has a rich history of horror publications; beginning in the 1950’s when Marvel was called Timely.

Under the Timely banner – and then Atlas – the world was given amazing comic books like Adventures Into Terror, Astonishing, Menace, and the fondly recalled, Journey Into Mystery. Later, Marvel Comics gave us some of the most well-known horror-themed titles in The Tomb of Dracula and Man-Thing!

You can read a brief and fascinating history of Marvel Comic’s horror themed publications right here.

Following that storied tradition, it’s a special treat to get a superhero-centric one-off special, like the Avengers Halloween Special #1 on the day of All Hallows Eve.

It’s a comic book that can be enjoyed by anyone of just about any age, and of any horror-themed disposition!

Avengers Halloween Special 2018 Marvel Comics comic book horrorAvengers Halloween Special #1
Written By: Various
Illustrated By: Various
Published By: Marvel Comics

Avengers Halloween Special #1 contains a number of stories written and illustrated by a plethora of talented ghouls specters and features characters, heroes and villains like Daredevil, Captain America and even the X-Men and Doctor Doom! From hauntings to cosmic horror, you’ve got it all in one volume – perfect reading for this very special day (and night)!

As a special bonus, Avengers Halloween Special #1 features the Marvel Comics writing debut of actor and screenwriter, Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, This Is the End, Goon, and the upcoming horror film based on a comic book, Random Acts of Violence).

Make the run to your local comic book shop today – either for yourself, or for a friend, or a (slightly older) child, and pick up Avengers Halloween Special #1. It makes for perfect reading while eating all of those ‘Trick or Treat’ candies!

For a fun Marvel Halloween Reading List, one that‘ll keep you occupied well into the Christmas season, you can click here!

Happy Halloween!

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