BBP! Fan Expo Canada: Day 1 Guide (Thursday)

Fan Expo CanadaHuzzah! You made it through the last sleep!

Today begins your personal hero’s journey into pop culture nirvana (and mayhem) with Day 1 of the four-day Fan Expo Canada convention!

Yesterday, we gave you a high-level view of some of the things you need to see and/or experience at the 2016 installment of Fan Expo Canada. You can read that piece right here.

Admittedly, there’s a lot to do. Hopefully, you’ve spent the requisite time reviewing the Fan Expo Canada website with this year’s guests, scheduling and general happenings. If you haven’t, go there now. Don’t worry. We’ll be waiting for you here when you get back.

Good. Now, hopefully you’ve got your ticket. If you don’t, what are you waiting for?

Open from 4 PM to 9 PM, Thursday is a good day for scanning the booths, getting your bearings, and figuring out prices at Fan Expo Canada. But if you know what you want, and you know it’s in limited supply, it’s also a good day to be strategic and get that stuff first. Beat the hordes coming in the next few days!

Here’s what you should be checking out on Fan Expo Canada Day 1:

EXCLUSIVES (ASAP, Exclusive Booth and #HasbroStore)

These comics, toys, shirts, books and collectibles go fast and furious. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Me? I’m picking up the Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5 Fan Expo exclusive. That’s the one with the cover of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau wearing the boxing mitts and surrounded by Alpha Flight. Instant classic, I’m betting both versions ($15 sketch and $25 black and white) sell out. Plus you can get them signed by cover artists Ramon Perez. And one of these days, you might just meet Justin. Maybe while surfing in Tofino.

But don’t forget to make a bee-line to the #HasbroStore. Awesome goods to be found here – and probably line-ups just as tremendous!

You can find a list of all the Fan Expo Canada exclusives right here.


If you love original, commissioned artwork like I do, you’re in luck! Fan Expo Canada has got a huge roster of artistic talent on tap. But these artists are in high demand, and they can only pump out so much work over the coming four days. If there’s someone you want a drawing from, approach them right away – their slates fill up fast…and it might take a few days for them to even finish your drawing of, let’s say, Doctor Strange. Early bird gets the worm here!

COMIC WORKSHOP: Writing For Comics 101 (6:15 PM, Room 703)

Looking to start up your own comic book series? This is the place to start learning the ropes.

COMIC WORKSHOP: Story-Telling: How To Tell A Story in Pictures (7:15 PM, Room 703)

You just finished up the great Writing For Comics 101 session, didn’t you? Well, don’t get up from your seat. Stick around for the next session. You know, there are even some professional comic book writers that don’t really know how to write for everyone’s favourite visual medium! Don’t be ashamed to sit in on this workshop and get pointers on how to make sure word and image serve the story.

CELEBRITY Q&A: The Exorcist’s Linda Blair (7:30 PM, Room 206)

It’s one of the most classic of horror films, and one that’s been reviewed a number of times here on Biff Bam Pop! (Like here.) This Q&A with everyone’s fave vomit-chucking, head-spinning, wall climbing, demon-ridden pretty little girl should prove amazing! Room 206 compels you!

CELEBRITY Q&A: The Legendary Stan Lee (8:00 PM, Room 105)

Stan Lee and Marvel comic book charactersMy propensity for comic books and comic book lore forces me to see the incomparable Stan lee. Again.

Enjoy dinner and drinks and loot on your way home or to your hotel rooms tonight. Biff Bam Pop! will see you bright and early tomorrow morning, as things start to heat up proper at Fan Expo Canada on Friday, Day 2!


Fan Expo Canada runs from Thursday, September 1 to Sunday, September 4 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For schedules, tickets and information, visit their web page at:  

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