Future Politics, Present Day With ABSOLUTE TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 1

TransmetropolitanI think it may be a little like life, in many regards.

Politics begins to mean something important later in life for many of us. Sure, there are the few in high school, the over-achievers, who are attuned to all forms of government and governmental persuasion. And there are those in the college and university crowd, the ever-assembled, who seem to have their finger on the pulse of what makes democracy tick.

And then there are those, like me, that come late to societal policies and beliefs and their legislation.

But hey! That’s ok. Better late than never.

So, regardless if you were the over-achiever, the ever-assembled, or even if you’re late to this political party, follow me after the jump for the political spin of the Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 1.

Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume #1

Written by: Warren Ellis

Illustrated by: Darick Robertson, Various

Published by: Vertigo Comics

Originally published under the swiftly defunct Helix comic book imprint of DC Comics in 1997 (a science fiction line that produced a dozen or so titles over a two year span), Transmetropolitan moved to the more popular Vertigo Comics banner after its first year of monthly publication and settled into comfortable five-year, 60-issue run. It quickly become a cult-classic series that is still highly spoken of, well over thirteen years since it’s last issue.

Created by and written by fan favourite Warren Ellis (who has been highlighted in this column on a number of occasions including here for the recent Injection monthly comic book series and here for the Ocean/Orbiter deluxe edition graphic novel and here for the Planetary Omnibus and here for the monthly Trees series) and illustrated by Darick Robertson (The Boys, Happy!), many have waited to see Transmetropolitan in an Absolute Edition for a long time. If you didn’t know, “Absolute “ is the DC Comics and Vertigo Comics oversized, slip-cased, hardcover edition – generally reserved for their great works. And Transmetropolitan is a great work.

Transmetropolitan tells the cyberpunk science fiction story of gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem (what a great name!), a man based off of the personality of the real life Hunter S. Thompson, who has come out of retirement to start his investigative writing again. He encounters a city rife with corruption, consumerism, religious zealotry, sex, drugs, and violence. It’s a disgustingly perfect setting for his trade.

Sound familiar?

Transmetropolitan takes place in a future that this a few hundred years from now, but its issues are modern day. Spider Jerusalem is an Ellis/Robertson stand in for the explorations of our own times – and that makes the story timeless and relevant.

It’s not for everyone tastes and it’s not for everyone’s pocket book. The Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 1 will cost you upwards of $125 – although you’ll find it for cheaper at most great comic book shops as well as online. Plus, this is the first of what will probably be three volumes.

Still, as a gift for someone worthy, or for some deep and enjoyable reading this summer, Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 1 will make an important and fantastic read for any lover of acerbic political persuasion. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick it up!

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