Proxima Command

5 A.M GAMING: Proxima Command and the heady dream of spaceflight

Proxima Command, which uses the short-hand description of “escape room” to position itself in people’s heads, is actually something much, much cooler

State of Decay

5 A.M. GAMING: ‘State of Decay 2’ – A Tale of Two Communities

When State of Decay 2 was announced, I was excited. So stoked, in fact, that I proclaimed to my husband that we may have to buy an Xbox One just so I could play it. And I would have done that had it not also been released for Windows. So, how does State of Decay 2 add up? Allow me to tell you a tale a two communities.

Don't Starve Together

5 A.M. GAMING: Starving, Starving, Slashing With ‘Don’t Starve Together,’ ‘The Long Dark,’ and ‘Torchlight’

Having nothing new on my plate to review, my gaming wanderlust has been out in full force the last couple of weeks. Yet, as the title of this column suggests it can be summed up in just three words: starving, starving, slashing.