Trailer Time: Ghostface Goes on the Offense in New “Scream VI” [Redacted] Spot

Ghostface! Ladders! Football?

We can’t tell you who will win the Big Game (and we’re not allowed to call it by its actual trademarked name). But we can tell you that if you choose to watch this year’s sportsball extravaganza, you’ll get to see a new commercial for Scream VI! Then again, maybe you don’t need to watch the S**** B*** because the latest look at Ghostface’s wacky misadventures in New York City is already yours for viewing. Take a look at the new spot right here!

Note: no footballs were harmed during the editing of this trailer, as far as we know.

Scream VI is slated for release on March 10, 2023 by Paramount Pictures.

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