Gilbert Speaks on Sergio Myers’ ‘223 Wick’

When Father Jonathan bucks the system, his church, and his pastor because of his visions, he is shipped off to another parish. Instead, he winds up at 223 Wick and right into a Satanic thriller.

223 Wick

Gravitas Ventures and Sergio Myers who produced and directed 223 Wick, offer us a religious journey into hell via ancient Egypt. The story, written by Melanie Clark-Penella and Jess Byard, is about a young priest, Father Jonathan (Alexi Stavrou) who is causing a lot of stress for his superiors, Father Murphy (Jack Dimich) and Father McAndrews (Eric Vaughan). Father Jonathan is having strange visions and he is hearing voices, but that isn’t what upsets his superiors. Nope, they don’t like the research that the young priest is doing, or that he wants to improve the church for all parishioners. Father Jonathan has only one friend who believes in his work, Father Arthur (Sergio Meyers 11).

Instead of going to another parish, Father Jonathan has the taxi drop him off at 223 Wick. Why is this priest drawn to this building? The priest gets injured before he even enters the building. The maintenance man, Paul (Greg Pierot) cares for the priest’s head wound. Later that day, the owner, Katarina (Dawn Lafferty) tells Father Jonathan about her grandfather and the secret society he ran at that building. She wants the priest to bless the building, and that is when the scares start coming.


Jonathan soon learns that his superiors are involved with Katerina and the ancient spirits at 223 Wick. Will the young priest be able to break the spell cast over him by the God Horus?

I have to confess that I tried to like the film. It did have potential, but at the end of the day, 223 Wick did nothing for me. I had a very tough time enjoying this one at all. That said, watch for yourself and let me know what you think of 223 Wick.

Gravitas Ventures is now out on digital platforms.  

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