Outlander S03 E04: ‘Of Lost Things’


On the last episode of Outlander, poor Frank died, leaving Claire free to pursue Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie was released from prison and into the service of a British family by John Grey. Have the time-traveling lovebirds reunited yet? Spoilers follow if you haven’t watched “Of Lost Things.”

It’s 1968 in Scotland and Claire, Brianna, and Roger are researching to find out what happened to Jamie. After what seems like a fruitless endeavor, a James Fraser was found in Ardsmuir Prison records. They learn that the prison closed, but what became of the men who were incarcerated there?

For purposes of his new position, James Fraser now goes by Alexander Mackenzie, changing his name at the suggestion of John Grey. He is in the employ of the Dunsanys in Helwater, England, in 1756, working as a groomsman. Lord Dunsany tells his newest servant that his wife does not like Jacobites, as she is still grieving the loss of her son in another battle. He will not divulge to her that Alexander is a prisoner, but instead will tell her that he is a groom recommended by John Grey.

The Dunsanys have two daughters, Isobel and Geneva. Isobel has an interest in John Grey, but Jamie/Alex tries to dissuade her affection by telling her that he is in love with being a soldier, and not reveal to her that Grey made a pass at him.

Isobel’s sister, Geneva, at first comes across as an unlikable, disagreeable character. Unbeknownst to her, the groomsmen draw straws with the loser being the unfortunate soul to accompany her on her rides. Unfortunately for Geneva, she is betrothed to the Earl of Ellesmere, a man quite a bit older than herself. However, it’s the newest groom Alex who catches her eye, so much so that she insists that he accompany her on her ride one day when he did not draw the shortest straw. Geneva tries to engage Alex in conversation, but he declines to offer his opinion on Geneva’s future husband. She believes the only thing he will bring to the marriage is money. When Alex wants to return to the house, Geneva reminds him that she is in charge and that he must do her bidding. She rides ahead of Alex and when he realizes that she staged a fall from her horse, he unceremoniously drops her in a mud puddle. While I thought Geneva would be outraged by her plight, she merely laughed it off.

If Alex thought he were through with the troublesome lady, he was wrong. She approaches him while he is working and expresses her concern about being bedded by Ellesmere. She tells Alex that he is to come to her room to do the deed, as she wants someone like him to be her first. Alex is horrified at her suggestion, but she tells him that Lord Melton divulged Alex’s real identity after a few too many spirits. She threatens to tell Lady Dunsany that she has the Jacobite prisoner Red Jamie in her employ if Alex doesn’t comply with her request. A move like that could send Jamie back to prison, something he vows he will not do. Out of fear of possible imprisonment, he visits Geneva’s room that night, deflowering Ellesmere’s future bride. She thinks she’s in love with Jamie/Alex after their encounter, but he sets her straight on the meaning of love. She marries the earl as planned and becomes pregnant.

Meanwhile, Brianna confides to Roger that she is afraid of losing her mother if Claire finds Jamie. What if she goes through the stones and is unable or unwilling to return? Roger is afraid Brianna will go back to Boston if Claire finds Jamie, leaving him behind. Their flirtation culminates into a kiss.


As for Geneva, she delivers a healthy baby boy, but she unfortunately dies. I did feel sorry for her, even if she was unpleasant at times. A grief-stricken Isobel takes her anguish out on Jamie/Alex, who she knows is the child’s father. Geneva disclosed to her sister that she never slept with Ellesmere, but did have a tryst with the new servant. Chaos ensues over the child in another part of the home. Ellesmere is holding the newborn, irate that his wife was not pure as expected. Her parents look on in horror as Jamie shoots him dead before he can plunge his knife into William, Jamie’s son.

Lady Dunsany tells Jamie/Alex that she knows that he was a part of the rebellion, and that he will not be charged with Ellesmere’s death. She offers him a chance to return to Scotland whenever he is ready. He opts to stay for a while, and he acts as a father figure to his young son, who knows him only as Mac, for Mackenzie. He tells the boy that he will soon be leaving for Scotland, and William doesn’t take the news well. To Jamie’s surprise and relief, John Grey is going to marry Isobel, and they will raise his son as their own.

Claire, Brianna and Roger visit the National Archives of Scotland to see if they can figure out where Jamie may have gone after Ardsmuir Prison closed, but their quest hits a wall when the archives cannot produce the ship manifests for the years that might include Jamie. Claire seems defeated and flies to Boston with Brianna in tow. Claire lost Jamie, and now Roger is losing Brianna, something he feared might happen, which is a real bummer.

There was a lot packed into this episode, the bulk of it spent on Jamie’s storyline. Will Claire finally reunite with Jamie in episode five? This is such a good show that it’s tough waiting for another week, but it’s always worth the wait.


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