American Horror Story: Coven S03 E12: Go to Hell

Queenie ep 12 AHS

Last week’s episode had plenty of action and thanks to the Axeman; the Coven is safe from the corporation. Delphine can’t kill the immortal Marie Laveau, but she can make the Voodoo Queen’s life miserable. While Zoe and Frankenkyle run off to Disney World, Spalding is playing with a living baby doll; heaven help us. The torture scenes are hard to watch. I realize that these scenes are necessary to set up the background for the characters, but they are hard to watch. I ask this same question every week. What the hell will happen next at Miss Robichaux’s School of Screw Ups? Find out after the jump.

Mean Girls

Fiona is giving Queenie a crash course for the big test of the Seven Wonders. It’s like taking the SAT college admission test, but if you fail this test; you die. Fiona tells Queenie to take her B12 vitamins. You’re going to need all your strength, girlie. Am I the only one who thinks Fiona rocks! Fiona might be sick as a dog, but she can still slap you down.

ep 12 Papa Legba

While Madison tries to avoid the all-seeing, gross-looking, self-plucked eyes of Cordelia, Queenie attempts one of the seven wonders and teleports herself to the sorriest looking McFried chicken shack, ever. The line of customers goes on for miles, her boss is an ass and the customers; nasty. Is this life after the increase to minimal wage? No, my little witchy poos, it is hell and Papa Legba (Lance Riddick) is there. He orders from the menu and lets Queenie know what happened to Marie Laveau.

Delphine has been a naughty girl. She can’t help herself. She loves to torture people. She’s sending Marie Laveau on a trip; one piece at a time. Upset that her legacy portrays her as the monster she is, Delphine takes over as the docent as does the tours for her house turned museum. I was thrown off when I saw Kathy Bates looking so nicely dressed, but it worked totally with the docent look. Queenie finds Delphine and then sends her to hell.


Cordelia learns from Fiona that she didn’t have to poke out her eyes to have the second sight. She always had the gift. Why didn’t Cordelia know this before? You would think this was something she would know about her powers; didn’t make sense. After a particularly shocking vision, Cordelia pays a visit to the Axeman and tells him that Fiona is planning on dumping him. I was surprised to see how the Axeman defended Fiona. True, he’s an axe murderer and enjoys chopping away at any unfortunate that gets in his way, but… he loves Fiona.

Cordelia uses her gift of second sight to find Misty Day. It’s about time! Queenie, once more, uses one of the seven wonders to bring Misty back to life. So what do you think? Is Queenie the Supreme? I’m taking bets on who’s going to wind up as the Supreme. Your guess is as good as mine.

AHS ep 12


While Myrtle fusses with flowers and Fiona poses for a portrait, Zoe and Kyle come back to the school. Myrtle is upset and so am I. You know there will be no happy ending for these two love birds with Madison around. Zoe wants in on the Seven Wonders test. She’s already raised the dead; a man killed by Kyle.

Madison and Misty get into a cat fight. Oh yes they do! But, as they scratch and claw at each other, the Axeman makes a guest appearance. Don’t worry, his visit is short lived. He picked the wrong house to start trouble. Didn’t he know how unhealthy it is to visit with these girls?

Axeman ep 12

Conclusion and Big Spoiler Alert

Hellfire on a cracker! I was not expecting this ending, but after all, hell is a bitch and you don’t want to go there. All three lead stars are dead. Delphine is in a hell of her own making; karma. She’s going to get what she gave to all those poor victims, but she’s not alone. One of her daughters is there and so is Marie Laveau. Papa Legba is the devil and the punishment handed out to both women is forever.

Fiona is dead! She was killed by the Axeman who loved her. Next week is the season finale and I have no idea how it will end. What I do know is the dead never stay dead in New Orleans and that I will miss the classy ladies, Madams Bates, Lange and Bassett. They know how to make bad look good. See you next week, my little witchypoos.

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