SDCC 2013 Roundup – Companies, Creators and More Talk!

SDCCWe only asked two questions this year of the companies, artists and creators that made up San Diego Comic Con 2013.  Biff Bam Pop took a cross section of the floor and included publishers, artists, authors, plush makers, and tech companies. You’ll find who we talked to, their websites and their answers.

Our Big Two were:

1. What’s big for you in 2013?

2. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?


Chip Mosher

1. Our Comixology Submit program is hot this year. We’re excited to keep on discovering new indie creators.

2. I would make sure my team got out first before I went down swinging.

Bongo Comics

Max Davison

1. Our next one shot features Lisa Simpson, coming out near October.  The writer on that book is Heather Nuhfer, who was also the  writer on My Little Pony. We want to make more female centric titles for a female audience.  We will also have a new Tree House of Horror issue in November.

2. Our company is pretty close knit. People work here for life. If one of us was infected then all of us are going down.

Ugly Dolls

Teresa Fazio

1. Our collaborations were very big this year.  We partnered with Hello Kitty, DC Comics and Universal Monster for releases in 2013.  We also launched first comic with Viz, which will premiere October 2nd. The subsequent issues will release in 2014. We are working hard to tie in plushes to comic books. It was a huge year this year at the convention. We sold out way before we thought we would.

2. I would have my uglydoll I hand. As long as I had it with me it would be an adventure of a lifetime.


Alex Cox

1. We’re now able to put out our publications for librarians and children’s literacy. This year we have A History of Manga so librarians and the public are better able to defend the medium when cases come up. Dark Horse published it for us. We’re lucky that we have no active cases so we’re being proactive and protecting kids right to read. We want to create a new generation who loves reading.

2. I would make a fort of books.

Top Cow

Betsy Gonia

1. Think Tank is our big title this year. Issue 9 is coming out 21st of August.

2. I’m fairly ill prepared but I would fight tooth and nail to survive. Ideally I would gather closest friends, all with specialties, and we would work as a team to survive.


Kahlik Schweitzer

1. This year we are publishing the conclusion to Locke and Key. It’s definitely sad to see it go but we were happy to share it. We also have great all-ages stuff coming out, including: Samurai Jack, My Little Pony, and a Ninja Turtles series based on the new show.

2. I would not come to a comic convention, that’s for sure.

Antarctic Press

Doug Dlin

1. We’re really excited about Fred Perry reaching his 200th issue for Gold Digger, his solo created series. In addition to that milestone he also won an Inkpot award.

2. I would be a spotter. I don’t think they’ll need many translators after the apocalypse and in reality I would probably keep the zombies fed. But in order to really survive I would have to keep Fred Perry next to me. He’s an ex marine.

Red Giant Entertainment

Benny Powell CEO

1. Super Nova, which was on hiatus, is coming back and we have several series to launch. We’re still planning. the schedule but we just launched Porcelain, with actress Anna Alexander at the writer/creator helm. We have a female creator line as well.

2. Our title, Last Blood (In casting to become a feature) would be my guide. The vampires will protect us because we are their food supply.

Things From Another World Comic Shop

Josh Christensen

1. All the publishers have great stuff coming up: DC’s Trinity War and the new 52’s 3rd anniversary. As well as their Villain’s Month. Marvel is starting their OGN program. Image is knocking it out of the park with creator owned books. Dark Horse has new Mass Effect coming out. There’s new Game of Thrones products. Buffy season 9. And! We’re running a Geek Survival sale through Friday, featuring $1.50 back issues.

2. Stock up on water. Choose your friends carefully.


Mel Caylo

1. We have many titles for this SDCC. Cyborg 009. Reason for Dragons. Thrilling Adventure Hour and Rubicon. Con debuts: Killer Vol. 4, and Killer Omnibus. Mouse Guard Vol.: Black Axe. We also merged with BOOM! Studios and it’s been a happy marriage. We fit together hand in glove and they will do things to help us out operationally. We provide new collection of titles to boost library. Ross Richie is ecstatic to have us in the family. Archaia will be an imprint of BOOM! so editorial direction and stories will all remain true to what we’ve been doing.

2. I’m not fast, there would be no running. I would have to use cunning and guile and learn to live with them rather than away from them – fortify my position and hold my ground.

Aspen Comics

Vince Hernandez

1. We have 10 new books coming out in 10 months for the 10 for 10 Program. You can follow it at #aspen10.

2. Throw the artists in the mix first and run!

Top Shelf Comics

Leigh Walton

1.  March: Book One  has been incredible for us this year. It’s the first time a member of Congress has been to San Diego Comic Con. We’ve sold more of this book than we’ve ever sold at any other con. We and Congressman John Lewis are touched by response to the book. The Congressman will be on the Colbert Report on August 13th, the same day it comes out in stores. It’s an Amazon bestseller and it’s not even out yet!  We’re also showcasing Monster on the Hill, an all-ages Rob Harrell and his first graphic novel. We also have God Is Disappointed In You, a comedic interpretation of the Bible by Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler, which also sold out at the show.

2. It’s not something I think about. I don’t know anyone who owns weapons and all my skills are intellectual. I  do live on fifth floor with no elevator so I would hope that the zombie would have many targets to get to before me.

From the people who brought you that adorable Pea: Conduct Happiness

1. We have two new lines this year, Boogie Cats and Wink.

2. I would bring everyone I could to an island surrounded by water where I could grow my food.

Rick Marson

1. This year we will be getting more ZOM characters into plush form.

2. The zombie apocalypse would have to end in order for me to really survive. I would stay away from populated areas and be prepared. Have stuff ready to go. However you would probably get shot by someone as you were trying to prepare before you ever got bit. Talk it out before you shoot someone.

The Quirky Publisher Baby Tattoo

1. This year we’re featuring an octoVictorian themed story: Walking Your Octopus. This great book appeals to a lot of people and all ages, really anyone with a vivid imagination.

2. Hide being my giant land octopus and let him do the fighting.

Writer Maxwell Alexander Drake

1. I am working on Sony’s next big MMO as a tie-in writer and a game story consultant. They will be announcing this game August 2nd. We have been writing a host of novellas to get people into the world and to flesh out the characters and backstory.

2. I would get as far away from hometown, Vegas, as possible and move to the mountains.

Pole Dancing Adventures

Leen Isabel

1. I’m collecting my webcomic and putting together my first graphic novel. The graphic novel will the same theme as my pole dancing webcomic. Hopefully it will be out by next Comic Con.

2. I would need a long range weapon and a bat with some nails. My first reaction would be to climb to scope out the landscape. In my universe the zombies won’t climb and at least I can climb a pole.

Mark dos Santos

1. I have two new books out through Image: Imperial and Red City as well as a bunch of new prints coming out.

2. I just have to be faster than the guy next to me.


1. Frankenstein is coming out in August. Illustrating Sherlock Holmes will be coming 2014. They will feature the original Holmes stories starting with A Study in Scarlet.

2. I would shut myself in the house and drink whiskey.


Artist Brion Foulke

1. Book number 7 of Flipside is coming out and you can pre-order it on the website.

2. I wouldn’t survive. I would give up and become one of them.


Michael Petralia

1. We have partnered with Bic pens and video game high school to add great stuff to our crates. We have been around a year and we already have fifteen thousand plus subscribes. Very month was also give away a mega crate worth $250 for one subscriber.

2. I would fill tub full of water stock up supplies and knock out the stairs and hole up.

Quirk Books

1. Our William Shakespeare: Star Wars sold out this year. it had a July 2nd release date and it’s already a bestseller.

2. I would go out to sea – sail around and find a tiny island to live on.

The Gorgonist

1. My webcomic launched in March and was just picked up by an up and coming publisher. The webcomic updates weekly on Sunday and it’s for older teens and up.

2. I would go about build a treehouse in an orange tree so I don’t get scurvy.

Artist Mark McDonnell

1. Denizens of the Deep is a creature based book and something I don’t get to do very often. Teach at the university.

2. I’d build a tree house. They can’t really climb.

Omar, creator of Xenoglyphs

1. We have a trade coming out in January 2014. We’re big on twitter @xenogylphs

2. I wouldn’t survive. I would try, but I’m just being real.

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