Figure Friday: Preorder Round Up

As the 2023 calendar heads towards its final months, it’s time to turn our focus to the toys of next year. There are some pretty great preorders closing this weekend and one Giant HasLab that just kicked off. Let’s take a look at what might make appearances in Figure Friday columns in 2024!

Hasbro HasLab Marvel Legends Giant-Man

The Marvel Legends team have promised to start filling some of the holes in their roster, and they just filled a big one. Dare I say, a giant one? Hank Pym has had plenty of figures over the years but none so big as this 24-inch Giant-Man. Priced at $199 the base offering is decent, with the potential for a zombified face plate and a Skrull alternate head at 14,000 backers. It’s gotten off to a decent start with 45% of the goal being met with 39 days left in the campaign. It’s more than likely going to fund with both unlocks. I’m still on the fence, though had they gone with a half-naked Hank Pym from his battle with Captain America in The Ultimates Volume 1, I would have instabought.

From Hasbro:

In honor of Marvel Comics’ 60th anniversary of the Avengers, we are proud to present one of the original members of the first Avengers team. In 6-inch Hasbro Marvel Legends Series scale, Hank Pym is 24-inch tall Giant-Man.

This crowdfunded project will run from September 8, 2023, to 11:59pm ET on October 23, 2023 and requires 10,000 backer orders to begin production. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2024.

Super 7 ThunderCats Cat’s Lair

I got a chance to see the Cat’s Lair in person at Power-Con earlier this year and it makes me long for a lottery win and TARDIS technology for my basement. It’s big and beautiful and every time I see something ThunderCats I’m constantly bothered by the fact I have zero ThunderCats in my collection. I have no idea how I watched that show so much as a kid and never had any of the toys. I loved the characters and the world, but they never found a way into my toybox. Someday… but not today because this thing is palatial and Daddy ain’t got room. The Cat’s Lair preorder closes this weekend.

From Super 7:

Bring Third Earth into your home with this epic crowdfund! In collaboration with our friends the Berbils, our crack design team has created a monumental ThunderCats™ ULTIMATES! Cats’ Lair playset! At over 36” tall, 33.5” deep when open, and 53” wide when open, this mighty fortress is sized to accommodate your 7” scale ULTIMATES! Figures. It’s chock-full of hidden defense weapons, has special lighting effects, and unfolds to reveal a command center, removable control pods, the ThunderTank maintenance hangar, a hidden weapons room, and so much more! You’d have to travel to Third Earth to find anything close to rivaling this mighty ThunderCats fortress- save the time and expense of interstellar travel by funding this playset and all the extras, and bring the ThunderCats home!

Four Horsemen Studios Cosmic Legions:  OxKrewe, Book One – Thraxxon

The latest and greatest from the Horsemen were debuted earlier this year at Power-Con and the preorder closes this weekend. Cosmic Legions: OxKrewe, Book One – Thraxxon has a storyline centered around a downed spacecraft and its crew as it encounters creatures and inhabitants of this strange new world. It’s beautiful sci-fi with big bulky space suits and weird looking aliens. Every figure in the wave is packed with beautiful paintwork, intricately detailed sculpts and all the customization we’ve come to expect from Cosmic. The spacesuits on Uularia and Vellok Speer, the husband-and-wife tandem that head up the OxKrewe are impressive and are being praised for their pose ability. Kurnn Ray has a soft goods duster and a killer helmeted head sculpt as well as blue haired female humanoid alien head sculpt. Both are strong on their own and change the look of the figure drastically, providing tons of options for figure photography. It’s going to be hard to pass up any of these figures as they all appear to have strong storytelling potential. Something I love to see in my figures and something the Horsemen have perfected.

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