Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gift Ideas For Darklings

We’ve all got that one friend or family member whose tastes run towards the dark side. It’s Yule or Saturnalia for those folks, not Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwaanza. Finding a gift for those people during the shiny happy holiday season can be difficult. An old-school goth might not appreciate a throw pillow featuring Tim Allen’s leering face or anything declaring which deity is responsible for the season. [Note: it’s me. I’m that friend.] Get your head out of the glittery gutter and ponder these potential gifts for your friends with non-traditional tastes.

Who said we had to give up coloring after we left grade school? There are all sorts of adult coloring books on the market, from The Golden Girls to mandalas to, well, this. The Weird, Creepy and Freaky Things Coloring Book: Skulls, Demons and Other Freak Show Oddities To Color has a self-explanatory title. Throw this book and a set of colored pencils into a black box and you’ve got a sweet gift any of your weird friends will love.

Not all Goths love makeup, but a lot of them do. Okay, most of them do. The ones I know, anyway. This beautiful coffin shelf holder has room for plenty of black eyeliner, mascara, and oxblood lipstick. Hang it on the wall or set it on the bathroom counter. There might even be enough space for some Black No. 1 hair dye!

You can tell a lot about a person by the reading material they choose to display. When you see a Chilton manual lying on a coffee table, you’ve got a gearhead on your hands. It’s the same with dogs, airplanes, and Nicolas Cage. You get the idea. In that vein, here’s a book by Stacey Leigh Brooks called Creepy-Ass Dolls. You already know who needs a copy of this, don’t you?

Nothing starts a conversation like a talking board, and you can interpret that statement in a couple of different ways. This bathmat, with a stunning black-and-white spirit board design, is backed with memory foam. It’s cushy and creepy! Getting out of the shower may not be the ideal time to open a portal to beyond the veil and communicate with those who have passed, but you do you, I guess.

Tarot cards come in all shapes and themes, from decks for beginners to advance readers who desire more arcane sets. For the Tarot fan in your life who enjoys both whimsy and nostalgia, check out this Garbage Pail Kids Tarot Deck. I’m not sure if I would want to ask Adam Bomb or Guillotina how my love life is going to turn out. However, decks tend to resonate with different users. This deck could become the favorite of someone you know.

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