Gilbert Speaks on ‘Camping Trip’

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a literal nightmare for the entire world. The shutdown saved lives, but it definitely made people a bit squirrelly. When a couple get the chance to go on a camping trip and get away from all the Covid-19 protocols, the trip turns deadly.

Camping Trip

Camping Trip is Leonardo and Demian Fucia’s second feature film and their first English language debut. This Canadian thriller stars Leonardo Fuica, Caitlin Cameron, Alex Gravenstein, Hanna Forest Briand, Ben Pelletier, Jonathan Vanderzon, and Michael D’Amico. This film is a thriller, but the many reminders of how cautious we have all become during Covid-19 are comical.

The two couples, Enzo (Leonardo Fuica) and Polly (Caitlin Cameron), along with Ace (Alex Gravenstein) and Coco (Hannah Forest Briand) come well prepared for this trek into the woods. They even rent a canoe to do some fishing. Both couples are suffering from the economic impact of Covid-19 and Ace is forced to borrow some money from Enzo until he can find work.

There is a lot of friendly banter going on and lots of sex. Everything is going well for the two couples until Alex finds a dead body. What the couples don’t realize is that the dead man is a doctor (Ben Pelletier) who was in the woods to buy drugs from two criminals, Billy (Jonathan Vanderzon) and Orick (Michael D’Amico). Unfortunately for all involved, Doc tries to cheat the criminals.


When the criminals show up at the campsite looking for the misplaced money, all hell breaks loose, and in an unexpected plot twist, we find out that the friends are just as devious as the two killers.

The scenery was beautiful, but the film would have been more succesful if the characters were better written. As it was, I could not form a bond with any of the characters, or care what happened to them.

Camping Trip goes to digital download on August 16.

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