Gilbert Speaks on Skeptoid Media’s ‘Science Friction’

Do you believe in aliens? How about the lost city of Atlantis? When the facts are edited, and the science glossed over…who will come to the rescue?

Science Friction

I was fortunate to review Science Friction, a serious documentary produced by Brian Dunning and directed by Emery Emery. There is also a list of accredited scientists that are featured in Skeptoid Media’s documentary, Science Friction.

I was always under the impression that shows like Ancient Aliens and Strange Evidence received their information from accredited scientists in the know about aliens, plagues, and ancient historical sites. I was dead wrong. What we witness in this documentary is how easily truth can be manipulated. We hear from the scientists and medical doctors who were tricked into giving their scientific explanations on various subjects only to watch in horror as their opinions were changed to fit the format of whatever show they were on.

In a time when Trump and the GOP have fostered and nursed an age of fake news and fake science, we are left to wonder who will step in with the truth.

Who is Skeptoid Media?

Skeptoid Media is a weekly science podcast that was launched in 2006 and is hosted and produced by Brian Dunning. The show’s primary market were educators who were promoting science and critical thinking. Skeptoid Media is a 501 nonprofit media that has produced many web series and documentaries to help people separate the science from the pseudoscience aka unproven boloney.


The documentary, which is entertaining and easy to digest, features several scientists and doctors who believed that their scientific and medical knowledge would be used to help people. For example, Dr. Steven Novella was asked on the Dr. Oz show to talk about alternative medicine.  It was a disaster. Even though Dr. Novella attempted to explain why he didn’t believe acupuncture worked, he was drowned out by Dr. Oz and the Alt-med doctor who was also a guest speaker.

In other examples of how scientific opinion is edited out, we get to see how Professor of Archaeology, Ken Feder, an expert on the myth of Atlantis was invited on a major TV Station to talk about Atlantis. He refused because they wanted him to say that Atlantis was real. Was this push to lie connected to the opening of Disney’s animated film, Atlantis? Watch the documentary to find out.


I don’t want to give away too much of the documentary because I want you to watch Science Friction. There is even a story on sharks and dinosaurs. It is frightening that at a time when we have the knowledge to help humanity at our fingertips…there are many people who want to flood the media with false information. What is their goal? Why lie? For many shows like Alien Contact, Strange Evidence, and the Discovery Channel…it’s all about the ratings. Hit the people with a “BOO” factor instead of the truth…because common sense doesn’t rake in the money for the sponsors.

I have become quite bitter over the last few years. So many people have died needlessly because the Trump administration purposely lied about Covid. I want my science to be truthful…and that is why I am recommending you follow Skeptoid Media, and watch Science Friction, which is on Amazon Prime. Watch it.

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