From the House of Ideas: “Dark Ages #6” Concludes Tom Taylor’s Time at Marvel, “Immortal X-Men #1” Begins Sinister Schemes

It’s a multi-book rundown in this week’s edition of From the House of Ideas, as one mini-series comes to a conclusion and a new book launches.

First up, the final issue of Tom Taylor and Iban Coello’s Dark Ages mini was released, bringing not only the six issue series, but Taylor’s time at Marvel to a fitting conclusion. I decided to read this series top to bottom again when Dark Ages #6 dropped and I have to say, I think it worked better taking it all in in one sitting rather than as monthly. There was something about how it all flows together that I believe was lost a bit with that waiting period, but that can now really shine with the complete tale.

Taylor is a writer who has mastered the Elseworlds/What If?.. style of storytelling, and it was an enjoyable read to see him deliver a Marvel story where he could do as he pleased without worrying about continuity or setting things up for the next writer coming in to a series. Having signed an exlusive deal with DC, Dark Ages is the last we’ll see of Taylor at Marvel for some time, and he’s left us readers with a fun series to remember him with.

Meanwhile, noted scribe Kieron Gillen has entered the world of Kraokoa with the absolutely excellent Immortal X-Men #1, featuring some superb artwork courtesy of Lucas Werneck. This book featured one of my favourite all-time X-villains, Mister Sinister, as he goes about attempting to manipulate the Quiet Council’s decision making following the surprise departure of Magneto. While Immortal X-Men #1 has some solid action, what I really loved about the issue was all of the polical intrigue that Gillen and Werneck deliver. Gillen manages to capture the mix of insanity, practicality, and long term planning that makes Mister Sinister such an appealing character to me.

From his introduction way back in the late 1980s, Sinister has always been about playing the long game when it comes to making life hell for whomever he wants, and this issue lets us follow along with his latest scheming. While I can’t say I’m sitting here cheering on his nefarious plans…well, yes, I am actually cheering them on, because in the hands of creators like Gillen and Werneck, I have no doubt those plans will make for some seriously good storytelling.

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