What To Watch While Staying Inside: Selling Sunset Season 2

Owning a house is the biggest financial obligation you’ll ever make. Now, imagine owning a home in the Hollywood Hills! A Netflix original series titled Selling Sunset just released its second season. This series follows the Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage representing buyers all over the world wanting to relocate to Los Angeles. Selling Sunset mixes luxury homes with a sprinkle of theatrics.

The Oppenheim Group was founded by Jason Oppenheim and his twin brother Bret. The rest of the cast is female (yes, it does get catty) Some of the names you have to know are listed below.

Mary Fitzgerald is the leading agent at the firm who also is Jason Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriend. Through the series, you’ll catch them selling homes together while flirting here and there. Mary may be off the market for good on this season. Her romance with Romain may be getting serious.

Davina Potratz always has high ambitions, one of which is gaining an eighty-million-dollar home as a listing, which would be the largest brokerage selling to date. There’s wonder if this is a waste of the companies’ time or if this will sell.

Christine Quinn is known for her dramatic ways. She can never steer clear of trouble with any of the other agents and is known as a firecracker in the office. She may or may not find the love of her life this season.

Heather Rae Young has been an actress in numerous films and was previously a Playboy model. Her dating life is at the forefront of this season of Selling Sunset. She’s known for being the Queen B, Christine’s least favourite in the first season, but maybe there’s a change of heart. Heather is most known for being honest and charismatic.

Maya Vander is a down to earth and hard working. Last season we found out she was pregnant, and now this season she’s back to selling homes.

Chrishell Stause is an American actress and married to This Is Us star Justin Hartley. Chrishell has had the opposite of a cookie-cutter life. She was homeless and very poor growing up. She does everything she can to give back to the communities that had once served her. Through both the first and second seasons, Chrishell is an advocate.

Last, although not least is the newest addition to the cast, Amanza Smith. She has arguably one of the busiest lives out of all the real estate agents. She is the founder of AmanZa – where she is an interior designer. She is also a single mother with two kids; her work-life balance is tested during this season.

This second season of Selling Sunset reveals the most luxurious houses in L.A. The show provides a background understanding of what it means to sell a house, especially in one of the biggest markets in the world.

Why should you watch this season of Selling Sunset? Friendships are tested; relationships are emotionally heightened and ultimately, what’s done in the dark will come to the light. If you like architecture and drama together this show is one you’ll adore.

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