In The Game: Don’t Die Mr Robot! DX for Nintendo Switch

Before I even get into the game, let me say that the Nintendo Switch is far and away the coolest gaming system my family has owned. My kids saved up half the cost, my wife and I kicked in the other, and here we are trying out the “bullet hell” arcade style madness that is Don’t Die Mr. Robot! on our shiny new console.

From Infinite State Games studio, DDMR is a game that is both incredibly simple and complex at the same time. You play as a cute little square box “robot” with a face and move him around the screen while dodging creatures and eating fruit that makes them explode. Its a bit of Centipede, a dash of Pac-Man, with a sprinkle of Bomber-Man for good measure.

Not knowing what to expect as we popped this game onto our screen, my kids and I prepared for a quick 5 minute trial as gaming time for the day was supposed to be done. Over an hour later we were still jumping off the couch and cheering as we tried to top each others successes at the progressively harder and zanier levels of the game.


Having not played the previous versions of this game, I can’t make comparisons to other platforms. What I can say is that there is lots and lots of content to unlock in this game. Different modes, customizable looks for Mr. Robot, challenges, everything you would want from a highly addictive game that anyone can pick up and play.

A review of this gem wouldn’t be complete without showing some love to the combination of the games hyper coloured visuals and acid house dance beats. My early 20’s self would have crushed this game out after a walk in the park if you catch my drift.

Available for download in the Nintendo e-store, Don’t Die Mr. Robot! is an addictive, arcade style game that plays like a top shelf mobile game on the big screen. Pick it up and then go ahead and try to put it down.

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