The Librarians S04 EP08: And the Hidden Sanctuary

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, we learn that once a Librarian, always a librarian, and that you should never, ever, mess with fairies. We leave Portland, and travel to Ohio, for The Librarians and the Hidden Sanctuary.



After suffering from an episode of panic, during a recent mission, Cassie starts to doubt if she is truly meant to be a Librarian.

She decides to take a break from The Library, to see what it’s like living a normal life.

Cassie arrives to the town of Havenport, Ohio, which is the safest town in the country.

She fits in quickly, and even gets a job as a town librarian.

Unfortunately, after Cassie’s arrival, accidents begin to occur, and it’s clear she has somehow caused the safest town in the country to become a danger zone.

Both Cassie and the towns’ citizens must confront their fears and work together to save Havenport. In the end, everyone learns that life isn’t about hiding from fear; it’s about dealing with fear and facing it when needed.

After a taste of “normal life,” Cassie decides that being a Librarian is her true destiny and desire.

A Place to Belong

A few years ago, I visited California. Being from the East Coast, I was confounded, and a little weirded out, by how friendly people in California were. Everyone was just so nice.

While watching the Hidden Sanctuary, I felt those same super nice vibes in Havenport, except on steroids. It seemed like the perfect place for the bubbly, sweet, enthusiastic Cassie, to put down roots. She throws herself into town life one hundred per cent and being the perfectionist that she is, is perfect at everything. I would say that I’m bubbly and enthusiastic. I completely related to Cassie when she said, “Once I get excited, I can’t stop.”  However I also have a snarky, sarcastic side, so with all of the baking contests, quilting, and extreme jovialness, I don’t think I would survive a day in Havenport.

It was fun getting a Cassandra-focused episode. It was also nice getting confirmation that Cassie knows The Library is where she belongs.

Watching the episode, I started to wonder, does The Library have the world’s largest closet? Where does Cassie keep all of those fantastic outfits and accessories? And for that matter, with all of the work there is to do for The Library, when does she have time to shop for all of those bright, colorful, pieces? Is Cassie an internet shopper? How do you get deliveries at The Library?

I came to the conclusion that The Library has a magical closet that you just open, and a new array of clothing, in your chosen style, appears. So if Jenkins opens it, it’s filled with suits, ties, and pocket squares. For Jake Stone, flannel shirt choices as far as the eye can see. Actually, I bet it’s not a closet, but a wardrobe. I’d also suspect the wardrobe leads to Narnia. The Narnia wardrobe has to be an artifact, right

This is what I love so much about The Librarians; it sparks the imagination.

Supporting Roles

Of course the main cast of The Librarians is amazing, but the crew behind the show also has a knack for casting supporting characters.

This week, fans offered up enthusiastic applause for the smart, super sleuthing voice of reason, Freddy. Benjamin Flores, Jr. did an outstanding job, matching acting chops with the enchanting Lindy Booth.

Like me, I’m sure a lot of fans saw their childhood selves in the curious, questioning, information-seeking kid. Cassie comments before leaving the town that she wouldn’t be surprised to see Freddy gracing the corridors of The Library someday. I think all of the show’s fans agree. Which does beg the question, what are the age restrictions for being a Librarian? I’m too old at this point to get a Hogwarts’ letter, but at least I can still hold out hope that an invitation to The Library could be on its way.

I’m not sure if the return of Nicole this season is a one-time deal, or if we could see other characters return in the future. Freddy is definitely a character I’d like to see more of. I know Jenkins isn’t particularly fond of kids, but I think he and Freddy would get along well. It would also be great if Lucy from Season 2’s “The Cost of Education” made a repeat appearance. It seemed like in that episode, her character was primed for showing up from time to time, but sadly we haven’t seen or heard a peep from the magic enthusiast. She’d have to bring Stumpy back with her of course.

Looking to the Past and the Future

Next week we get a history lesson, as we visit the United States Civil War. I’m curious if an episode about the Civil War is a coincidence or intentional? Darrington Dare warned that having multiple Librarians would lead to a Librarian civil war. Will the episode be a foreshadowing? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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