Marvel’s Agent Carter S02 E06: Life of the Party


As the zero matter continues to exert its otherworldly influence on both Whitney Frost and Jason Wilkes in very different ways, the badly wounded Agent Carter recruits an unlikely ally to battle Frost – Dottie Underwood. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Life of the Party.”

A Terrible Idea

With Peggy sidelined and nearly all of the SSR being watched or untrustworthy, our plucky heroine gets a terrible, terrible idea. They need someone to get inside the Chadwick fundraiser, someone with mad skills, and Peggy picks her old foe Dottie Underwood. Oh yeah, a terrible idea, but also an awesome one.

The dialogue between Peggy and Dottie maintains the latter’s twisted madness as well as a wonderful tension this show hasn’t seen in a while. There’s also some great old-fashioned espionage gadgetry involved that made me smile, but again, these moments are few and far between. I especially liked Peggy giving Dottie an extra jolt of shock. Good on her.

A Date with Dottie

Lucky Jarvis gets to accompany the powerful and psychotic Dottie to the Chadwick fundraiser. It’s hard to remember how dangerous Dottie is when the showrunners seem to have made such a deliberate turn toward humor of late. One wonders that with the potential end of the series in sight, and the dumbing down this season, perhaps they’ve just given up.


Nevertheless, Dottie does what Dottie does best and she goes rogue. She hides in the meeting room when the Council gathers to hear Whitney Frost out about zero matter. Dottie is witness as Frost absorbs a rat as an appetizer and half the Council and her hubby as the main course. Frost is getting better and more dangerous with her zero matter touch, effectively taking control of what’s left of the Council.

The Party’s Over

Unfortunately Dottie makes the connection between the blood sample she was to get from Frost (which is pure zero matter) and the woman’s mysterious powers. Before she can do anything about it however, Masters and Thompson and their goons catch up to her and nab her. The bad news is that it’s Frost that takes possession of our Black Widow prototype.

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Forces are colliding, and major and minor, they are all closing in on Agent Carter. The least of which is the moment Peggy and Sousa have after she hears of (and why) his broken engagement – and even Wilkes notices the vibe. And then there’s the seeming aligning of Masters, Thompson, Frost, Manfredi, and the Council. Things are looking dark indeed.

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