Bates Motel, Episode 2: “Nice Town You Picked, Norma”

Bates-Motel-Episode-1-02-Nice-Town-You-Picked-Norma-Promotional-Photos-bates-motel-33983112-595-397Last week on Bates Motel, we were allowed a peek into the minds of the main characters, Norman and Norma Louise. Did Norma do in her husband? Is that the reason for the shower and why she didn’t seem at all surprised when Norman told her that something was wrong with dad?

What we do know is that Norma Louise is a control freak who easily maneuvers her way through each and every situation that interferes with her plans and her hold her son. One man, who brutally interfered with Norma Louise, was given a one way ticket out of town, although in his case, he deserved it. And what’s with the Sheriff and his unexpected visit to the Motel, but more important, who owns the book that Norman found? Let’s investigate together after the jump.


Norman is studying that little black book that he found, when the doorbell rings. No, it’s not the Avon lady; it’s his older brother Dylan (Max Thieriot). He found them and mother dearest isn’t happy, but she’s stuck with him because he has no job and nowhere to live. Norman leaves for school bumps into Bradley and her posse and as they’re walking to school, Bradley’s father drives past them and crashes the car. Norman, Bradley and the other kids run to help the man, but he’s a little hot under the collar. Sorry, bad joke. The man has third degree burns over most of his body. Who did this to him? While the ambulance takes Bradley’s father to the hospital, the Sheriff has questions for Norma Louise.

627Where is Keith?

The Sheriff has found Keith Summer’s (W. Earl Brown) truck and it’s not far from the motel. Sheriff Romero asks Norma if she’s seen Keith. She says nope, she never met the man. It case you forgot, Keith is that man who attacked Norma Louise in episode one. His name is Keith, not Peter, my bad, but whatever his name is; he’s deader than a doorknob.


Dylan makes a friend at the bar which leads to a job. The only problem, this job isn’t legal and Dylan will need a gun. When Dylan and Norma get together at home, we learn a little bit more about their relationship. Dylan asks Norma where she got all the money to buy the car and the motel. We learn that Norma Louise was cheating on Dylan’s father with Norman’s father. Norma tells Dylan that Norman’s father had a large insurance policy. Dylan knows Norma Louise for the predator that she is and hints that she caused the man’s death.

In school, Emma (Olivia Cooke) tells Norman that she is coming over his house to study and she won’t take no for an answer, but when she shows up at the house, Norma Louise gives her the third degree and learns what Emma’s illness is, cystic fibrosis and that she doesn’t have a long life expectancy. Norma allows the girl and Norman to go upstairs and do their homework. Emma is smart and she is curious. I like the kid and hope she lives at least to the end of season one. While doing their homework, Emma finds the “book” and asks Norman if she can take it home. He says yes.

Bates-episode2Sheriff Romero

I don’t know what it is with this cop, but he only does his investigations late at night. Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) and the Deputy visit Norma’s house and question her about Keith. Tells her a witness saw Keith arguing with her a few days ago. He wants to search the house, but she says no way. Before the Sheriff leaves, he warns Norma not to make him an enemy. What does Norma do? She’s a sly little fox and the next day, she’s flirting with Deputy Shelby (Mike Vogel) and they plan to meet at a town event. Deputy Shelby tells Norma some of the town’s secrets. There’s some bad stuff going on.


Norman is upset with his mom going out on a date; he’s jealous. Dylan talks bad about Norma and Norman attacks him with a meat tenderizer. Dylan is faster and stronger and Norman gets a black eye. When Norma sees her younger son’s eye, she tells Dylan to leave… but Dylan knows her secrets and he’s not leaving.

The Book

Emma has Norman come to her dad’s shop; he’s a taxidermist. She figured out the book and it tells about four girls obtained through human trafficking who were used, abused and then murdered. They go looking for the bodies using the map in the book. This is not your normal science project. While searching for the shed that’s in the book, they come across a field of marijuana and are chased by some bad men with guns.


This show is good and I can’t wait to see episode three. I have a feeling that the people living in White Pine Bay might be weirder than the Bates, and your first clue might be what Norma sees while driving through the town.

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