Heroes Re-Brand and Villains Disband: Pdawg Recaps Episode 7 of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains

It’s difficult to come off a week like last week and deliver an episode with as much intrigue, excitement and manoeuvring, but leave it to Survivor, and more aptly Russell, to deliver the goods.

After pulling-off an incredible blindside in Episode 6, Russell and his alliance of Parvati and Danielle had reason to be celebrate back at the Villain’s camp – and this started to concern their Boston Rob. Even with numbers still on his side, Rob began to worry about the validity of his alliance with Coach and Jerri and the growing power of Russell in the tribe.

On the Heroes side of the island, it appears to be addition by subtraction after getting rid of the injured James last week. Down to just five members the Heroes decide to re-brand themselves as the ‘Fantastic Five’. Time will tell just how fantastic the remaining Heroes will be.

The reward challenge is up next and it’s basically a game of tackle basketball played in two-feet of water. Powered by a rejuvenated Colby (I guess Superman took his fat suit off) and Candice the Heroes were victorious and given a waterfall-side lunch as reward.

While on reward, the Fantastic Five continued their love-in even after receiving a clue to another hidden immunity idol. The good guys decided they would not let the temptation of an idol come between their newly found karma so they would find the idol together and only use it against the Villains when the time is right.

Back at the Villains camp, things started resembling an episode of your favourite daytime soap opera. Russell’s plan to expose Boston Rob as an irrational player that could flip-out at any time is working as Jerri, already in awe of Russell’s blindside last week, questions her loyalty to Rob. Feeling like a scorned lover, Coach wonders how Jerri could align herself with Russell, and more importantly do it without consulting him.

In a classic moment Coach asks Russell who he would get rid of, and Russell looks at Sandra and Courtney, sitting right in front of them, and says, “either of them could go.” Classic Russell boldness. You’d think he would have a huge target on his back, but somehow Russell’s direct approach keeps him respected by his tribe-mates and in the game.

It’s off to the immunity challenge where the Fantastic Five Heroes flex their muscles again to come away with an easy victory. The Villains have been ‘whooped’ as Russell puts it.

At Tribal Council it’s all mind games and posturing around the notion of ‘loyalty.’ Is Boston Rob more loyal because he will never break his alliance, or is Russell more loyal because he risked going home to protect Parvati. All this talk about loyalty is meant to get Coach’s vote. Coach looks so confused during the entire proceeding and he eventually decides to avoid the loyalty debate and simply eliminate the weakest link, which is Courtney. Russell does, however, do enough to swing Jerri’s vote over to his alliance with Parvati and Danielle – how Russell managed to get Jerri to team up with her female rivals is simply amazing. With four on his side, Russell has enough votes to get rid of his biggest challenger and Boston Rob is sent packing.

If the Fantastic Five can keep it together, the Heroes may ride some additional momentum into this week’s show. On the Villains side, Russell now needs to turn his attention to Sandra. She has proven before that she is a strong player that can outwit and outlast the best of them. Russell needs to cut her off immediately before she makes her move in the tribe.

I am looking forward to seeing how Coach and Jerri navigate their differences this week and to seeing if Jerri can get along with Parvati and Danielle. Could we be seeing the beginning of another Parvati-led female alliance that joins forces with Amanda after the merge?

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