From the House of Ideas: MacKay and Villa’s ‘Avengers’ is on a Roll

After a few weeks of disappointments, it’s nice to be able to write something really positive coming out of the House of Ideas. In this case, it’s the ongoing adventures of a new band of Avengers.

Under the creative team of writer Jed MacKay and artist C.F. Villa, this new ongoing series has found that sometimes elusive melding of history for longtime fans and an accessible jumping-on point for newcomers. Now, there’s no doubt that there are some gatekeepers out there who frown at the idea of readers not knowning the history of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and not being up on all the recent events from the completed Jason Aaron run, but to them I say, forget you!

The truth is, I wasn’t particularly into Aaron’s well-regarded years on the book, and I didn’t read every issue, but coming into this recent relaunch, Jed MacKay’s done a strong enough job at letting us know what’s recently transpired (T’Challa is no longer the king of Wakanda, for instance) without bogging down the narrative he’s telling.

This new team of Avengers is led by Captain Marvel, who has put together a team of familiar faces. The main issue that’s arrisen over the first three issues is a warning from Kang the Conquerer that something is coming, though he passes out before he can explain who and what the Ashen Combine is. That’s what the action in Avengers #3 entails, and is done so in a fun, tense manner. And hey, shoutout to MacKay and Villa for putting the action in my hometown of Toronto.

If you haven’t picked up the first three issues of Avengers, I’m happy to recommend doing so, as it does what the best team tales do, demonstrating how all their strengths combine and compliment the characters.

The first Tribulation Event strikes the Earth! The Avengers fly into action as the Ashen Combine – a collection of the Multiverse’s greatest monsters – descends from the Impossible City to follow their respective appetites. Cityslayers all, pursuing the assassination of metropolitan areas for sport!

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