Figure Friday: Four Horsemen Studios Spotlight

Four Horsemen Studios have been pretty busy in recent weeks. They added to the ranks of Figura Obscura with the release of Sun Wukong the Monkey King, the first wave of Cosmic Legions has started to arrive for those that preordered them and the preorders for Mythic Legions All Stars 6 close this weekend. This, all on the heels of a recent Store Horsemen warehouse sale, and my figure budget is on life support heading into convention season. Welp! Let’s take a look at some of the recent happenings from the Horsemen!

Mythic Legions All Stars 6

The latest offering in the Mythic Legions line is All Stars 6. This preorder is made up of four fan-voted All Stars as well as additional releases from the Necronominus wave. The All-In offering consists of nine standard figures, an Ogre-scale figure, a horse, two belt packs, a set of bone wings and a heads pack. While the All-In comes with a slight discount, it’s still a bit too rich for my blood. I’ve got my eyes on a few stand-out figures.

The Ogre-scale Berodach is a giant dark knight that would have been right at home on the cover of an eighties heavy metal album cover. He’s big and beefy and my shelf loves big and beefy. Thorasis The First Risen is a skeleton knight draped in fur and soft goods. He comes with an impressive load out including a banner and shield with a wicked looking skull logo. Thorasis looks like he would have been right at home in the Undead Army from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. I wouldn’t mind a glow in the dark variant of Thorasis at some point down the road.

I’ve already got a couple horses, but both are on the supernatural side of things. Deacon is an armored Templar horse with soft goods. However, underneath those soft goods and armor is the previously released Balius figure. Basically, providing you two uniquely different horses one of which is a fairly basic brown steed that can be used across multiple lines for figure photography or display purposes. Hard to pass up value like that!

If you’re going to get the Templar’s horse, you might as well get the Templar to ride him. Sir Enoch looks like your traditional Templar knight. Had Hasbro not just announced a Grail Knight figure for their Indiana Jones Adventure Series line of figures, Sir Enoch could have been a worthy stand in. Featuring an unmasked face portrait that reminds me of Sean Connery, and beautiful white and red soft goods, Sir Enoch is already in contention for Figure of the Year 2024. Preorders for Mythic Legions All Stars 6 close on Sunday July 9, 2023 at 11pm EST.

Sun Wukong The Monkey King

The most recent addition of the Figura Obscura line was a bit of a surprise. All of the previous releases had been somewhat holiday themed and while the Horsemen themselves said that the Figura Obscura line was not holiday themed, they never elaborated beyond that. When we were treated to the main character of a 16th century Chinese novel, no one saw it coming. Sun Wukong arrived recently, and he quickly became the star of my figure photography sessions.

The Monkey King is a work of art. Regal and majestic. Ferocious and unrelenting. Sun Wukong is a warrior that knows no rival. The same might be said in terms of his Figure of the Year chances. Sun Wukong feels like a culmination of everything the Horsemen have learned since the Mythic Legions line began. Every bit of this figure is sculpted and painted, and not just one simple paint app. Multiple paint apps. This is the kind of premium offering that we’ve come to expect from the Four Horsemen and one of the main reasons I never regret finding money in the budget for my Mythic Legions… we’ll find out if it can find room for Cosmic Legions in the near future. Stay tuned!

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