The Librarians S04 EP01: And the Dark Secret

In the Season 4 premiere of The Librarians ,we get a blast from past, the way, way, past. We also find out that Jenkins hides things, Flynn’s having doubts, and the dark ages are only a stone’s throw away.



An evil society, known as the Heretic Order of the Shadows, seeks the four corner stones of the Library of Alexandria. Their plan is to use the stones to make Alexandria’s library physical once more, the result, the power will create a new dark age on earth.

It’s up to The Librarians to find the hidden corner stones and save the world once again.

librarians dark secrets phantom

Fake Out

Being a fan of The Librarians, I wasn’t fooled by what looked to be the wedding of Eve and Flynn. Of course, we find out that what they are actually doing, is rehearsing for a ceremony where a Guardian and a Librarian are bonded together in everlasting unity. This tethering, anchors The Library to humanity, thus ensuring its existence.  It appears as if it will be a major plot point of the season, since the real bonding ceremony is yet to come.

librarians bonding ceremony

My mind was racing with speculation. I really thought Flynn was a goner in last season’s finale, and after the first episode of Season 4, I found myself asking, will this be Flynn’s last season? I also wondered if Eve will be The Guardian he bonds with in the end?

She’s Back

So Nicole, Flynn’s Guardian from the first Librarian movie, is back. Much like Sherlock Holmes, she was not dead. Nicole was merely sent back in time 500 years when H.G. Wells’ time machine blew up. Now immortal, after using an immortality artifact, she was captured by Jenkins, and has been imprisoned in The Library for an undisclosed amount of time.

Just a side note, if The Librarians had a spin-off featuring the adventures of young Charlene, Judson, and Jenkins, I’d be on board.

Being imprisoned by The Library’s caretaker, finding out that Jenkins told Flynn that she had died so Flynn could never rescue her, and then finding out the Flynn was the one who caused her to be catapulted back in time in the first place, does not endear Nicole to The Library, or its protectors.

Even though she helps them in the end, her role is yet to be determined.

dark secrets nicole

In the past three seasons, the big bad for the season, The Serpent Brotherhood, The Fictionals, Apep, were all established early on. With the Order of Shadows defeated in the premiere, I wasn’t certain they would be the evil to beat all season long. Will Nicole end up being the big bad?

They have already set up a love triangle scenario. Even though Flynn tells Eve she has nothing to worry about, there were hints that Flynn still has lingering feelings for Nicole. So will the tethering ceremony end up, for whatever reason, being between Nicole and Flynn instead of Eve and Flynn?

Will Nicole end up as a second Guardian? I have to admit, I find the ratio worrisome. Four Librarians, but only one Guardian. Every time the trio is sent out on their own without Eve, you know some terrible fate will befall them. Having an extra guardian would sure come in handy.

Maybe we’ll never see Nicole again.

These types of questions are what make shows like The Librarians so much fun, and why it’s great to be part of the fandom. It’s the wondering, the speculating, the wishing for the scenarios you’ve already written out in your own imagination. It’s about everyone anticipating together, being joyful together, and even sometimes, crying together (R.I.P. Stumpy). Dean Devlin and the rest of the show’s cast and crew, understand and love the show’s fandom. They know what the fandom needs.

Future Fate

Because TNT decided to shorten the show’s season, and with other rumors flying around, it looks like as Eve and Flynn prepare to tether themselves to The Library, TNT might be preparing to un-tether themselves from the show. If that is the case, I don’t understand television networks. The creators of the show have formed a Dr. Who-ish universe where characters can be changed out if needed. The show could go on indefinitely, as long as the writing retains its quality. Plus, it has a fandom that grows stronger every season. It is one of the most fun and just all out enjoyable shows to watch. I would be greatly disappointed by its cancellation.

If you are a fan of the show, make sure to throw lots of love at it this season. If TNT doesn’t renew, maybe one of the streaming networks will see how much it is beloved and will keep it going.

4 Replies to “The Librarians S04 EP01: And the Dark Secret”

  1. Oh the hot Guardians Nicole and Eve poor Flynn who he chooses will tell the tell I say Eve all the way she loves him enough she will let him go to Nicole and that’s how he’ll know she’s the one we need more shows like this one family tv is dieing if not dead this show needs to keep going

  2. Love the show so much I had my husband buy me the 3 preseason movies plus the 1st 2 seasons of shows…for early Christmas presents back in September.

  3. I could see Baird and either Ezekiel or Cassandra tethering to protect the library. That would make the show less dependent on Noah Wylie. I think Ezekiel or Cassandra could either one grow into Judson’s shoes. I love Stone, but I just can’t see him as the head librarian for centuries.

    No matter what, I’m thrilled to see the show back. I really thought it was canceled last season, so this feels like a bonus!

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