Happy Birthday Biff Bam Pop!

Today, August 25th, is the one year anniversary of Biff Bam Pop! I just wanted to thank everyone who has dropped by the site to take a look at what’s going on. We’ve had lots of contributors over the past year, so kudos and salutations to Geflon Don, Ogmios, Mr. Imagination, JMT, ohthree, Pdawg, Canker Canison, Ian Rogers, Denny Borges, JP (Japer), and Scotty G for the amazing work they’ve delivered.

It’s pretty cool that a website that started as a bit of fun has morphed into something serious and, dare I say, respectable (but hopefully still fun for everyone reading), with people visiting Biff Bam Pop from all over the world . Over the past year Biff Bam Pop’s talked with many writers and creators, and there’s more cool stuff to come.

Thanks again for reading!

Andy Burns
Biff Bam Pop!

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