Biff Bam Pop Premiere Short Story Anthology 2012 Submission Guidelines

What We’re Doing

This fall, Biff Bam Pop! will be publishing our first e-book of prose short stories. Not only will we be showcasing fiction from the group of talented writers working tirelessly on pop-culture related articles on this site, but we’d like to publish your stories too! That’s right, Biff Bam Pop! is lucky to have a host of readers like you – gifted, literate and creative writers yourselves! If you’re a burgeoning author (or know of one), or even a closet storyteller looking for an audience, we want your stories!

Our first e-book will be a way to get your name out in the public realm and your stories read by the thousands of Biff Bam Pop! readers and their various collaborators! We’ll do all the logistical and time-consuming back end work as well as all of the upcoming marketing. You just need to submit something great. Easy, right?

Just to be up front with you – there’s pretty much no money in this for anyone. Yes, it’s nice to always get paid for the work you do, but let’s face it: this endeavour is about creating a memorable that will also market your name and, potentially, open doors for you. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any monetary compensation – we just can’t promise any. See the “Compensation” section below for more information on this topic.

What We’re Looking For

For this e-book endeavour, we’re specifically looking for imaginative fiction with elements of the horror, thriller and/or suspense genres. That said, please refrain from any stories detailing fan fiction, copyrighted characters, slash fiction, torture porn or outright pornography.


Submissions are open to readers of Biff Bam Pop! and their friends and family, across the globe, who are over the age of 18. There is a limit of one submission per person.

Submission and Judging Criteria

Biff Bam Pop! will begin receiving submissions on the morning of Monday, January 23, 2012 until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

  • Submit your story by the contest deadline via e-mail either in RTF or Microsoft Word file types. Illegible entries or other file types will not be considered
  • Polished stories must be written in English, original and unpublished up to the time the successful entrants are contacted by Biff Bam Pop! editorial staff by approximately Sunday, July 1, 2012. Only successful entrants will be contacted
  • Stories must be double-spaced and no longer than 7,500 words
  • Total word count must be printed on the front page of the story along with contact information including email address, phone number and address and a bio of up to 150 words. Please do not include any images
  • Pseudonyms are permitted but legal names will still be required for administration purposes only
  • No changes to a story are allowed once Biff Bam Pop! receives your entry
  • Manuscripts will not be returned and follow-up information will not be made available
  • By submitting, authors agree to allow Biff Bam Pop! to publish their stories, names and biographical information in all media, including but not limited to the previously mentioned e-book and with limited compensation (see “Compensation” below). Do not send photographs with entries. Selected authors will be contacted about a photograph at a later date and must agree to publication of his/her photograph
  • In connection with your submission, you affirm, represent and/or warrant that (i) you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to use and authorize Biff Bam Pop! and all of its representatives to use all copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights in and to your submission to enable inclusion and use of the submission in the manner contemplated by these submission rules/guidelines; and (ii) you have the written consent, release and/or permission of each and every identifiable individual person in the submission to use the name or likeness of each and every such identifiable individual person to enable inclusion and use of the submission in the matter contemplated by these submission rules/guidelines
  • Biff Bam Pop! reserves the right to reject and disqualify any submissions that could be offensive or inappropriate or that do not meet the terms and conditions of these rules/guidelines

How To Submit

Submissions are to be emailed to: in either RTF or Microsoft Word file formats.

Story Selection And Notification

Representatives of Biff Bam Pop! will read and discuss the various stories and then select the ones that will see publication in the previously mentioned e-book. The decisions of these representatives are final in respect of any matter relating to this initiative. The authors of those stories will be notified by approximately Sunday, July 1, 2012. Biff Bam Pop! and it’s representatives reserve the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to select other potential stories based on the submission guidelines/criteria or through lack of correspondence by a previously selected author.

Ownership/Use Rights

Entrants retain the copyright and ownership to their stories.


There is no up-front compensation for this endeavor. Any compensation to selected and published authors will be in revenue generated through sales of the proposed e-book as well as the potential sale of any future physical copies published by Biff Bam Pop! All selected and published authors will receive an equal share of 80% of Biff Bam Pop!’s net revenue of sales. All compensation will be transferred to selected authors once a year and within 90 days of December 31st either electronically or by cheque or money order, payable in Canadian funds.


Potential selected authors release Biff Bam Pop! and its related parties from any and all liability in connection with this endeavour, confirming compliance with the guidelines and consenting to the use of his or her name and short story in any and all forms of media, without further compensation, in any publicity carried out by Biff Bam Pop! and/or its advertising and promotional agencies.


By participating, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Biff Bam Pop!, and their parent, subsidiaries, affiliates and/or related companies and each of their officers, directors, shareholders, employees, advisors, assignees, agents, licensees, representatives, advertising, media buyers and promotional agencies from any and all damages, injuries, claims, causes of action, or losses of any kind (including but not limited to lawyers’ fees) arising from your participation, your violation of any term of these submission/guidelines rules, your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; or any claim that your submission caused damage to a third party.


The extent that we would use your personal contact information is to administer contacting, compensating, announcing and promoting selected stories. Other than author name and/or biography and photograph, no other personal contact information (phone number, email address, home address) would ever be publicly addressed by Biff Bam Pop! without prior written consent.


Biff Bam Pop! may, in its sole discretion, prohibit any person from submitting whom it believes to be abusing the guidelines. Such abuse includes submitting false information and submitting more than once.


Biff Bam Pop! reserves the right to cancel or modify the submission guidelines at any time without notice and is not liable for any lost, late, misdirected or stolen submissions or inability to process submissions, or any errors, damage or negligence that may arise in connection with this endeavour, including human error.

10 Replies to “Biff Bam Pop Premiere Short Story Anthology 2012 Submission Guidelines”

  1. This particular call is right in my comfort zone in style, although a 7,500-word limit may be something of a challenge. i may have to re-work some of my unpublished work for consideration…

  2. Thank you for this opportunity for me to submit a short story I’ve been working on. I’ll be sending my story in soon.

  3. *grumble* I tried writing a story for this, but it never came together, especially since I only first heard about this anthology two weeks before the deadline. I hope BBP is doing another anthology soon.

    1. If all goes well, we’ll be doing this for years to come. Cross your fingers.

  4. Great! If you are planning on doing the Short Story Anthology again next year, I’m working on the sequel to the story I sent in this year.

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