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February Faves: Gina K’s Top 5 Winter Blues Songs

Continuing February Faves here at Biff Bam Pop!, here are Gina K’s top 5 winter blues songs.


The Winter can be a long, dark and cold place. We often find ourselves trying to fight the overwhelming feeling of being perpetually “Bummed Out” and trying to find ways to stay busy, active and up-beat… but instead, as we don’t have much choice but to deal with our Winter Wonderlands, I think we should embrace this melancholy time year, besides, when else is it socially acceptable to stay inside for 48 hours and not feel bad about it? So, in the spirit of old man winter I give you my top five winter blues songs.

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February Faves: Gina K’s Favourite Movie Marathons

Ready, Set, Sweatpants!


With the invention of Netflix, the magic of Movie Marathons seems like child’s play considering you can watch an entire season of “Breaking Bad” before work starts again on Monday. That aside, let’s try to remember a time when movies were magical, and the Marathon-bragging rights were totally worth the turmoil your stomach is about to embark on. After the jump, Gina K’s favourite movie marathons!

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February Faves: Gina K’s Top 5 Recipes Made for Your Soul… And Nothing Else.


To celebrate February Faves here at Biff Bam Pop!, here are Gina K’s top 5 recipes made from love and not calorie counting.  See you after the jump…

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Biff Bam Pop’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Beetlejuice! The Cartoon Series

beetlejuice_cover“Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!! Beetlejuice!!” Just saying this phrase will take you back to the time when kid shows had fewer restrictions, still believed in teaching you morals, and were not 100% computer generated.  The cartoon series of Beetlejuice includes all those spooky characters you remember–like Lydia, the Goth 7th grader who befriends the ghost Beetlejuice, her quirky parents who are the brunt of all their pranks, Jacques the French skeleton and Ginger, the tap dancing spider– among the many other Neitherworld characters you’ll encounter while watching the 4 season series. Not to mention the main character, Beetlejuice himself, the beetle-eating, iconic black and white stripe suit wearing, blonde joker. He always gets into trouble and is the ghastly pimple on the face of the Neitherworld.

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