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“This Little Light” Shines on the Season 1 Finale of Outcast


On last week’s episode of Outcast we watched in horror as the darkness spread throughout the town of Rome. A beloved character is dead and another one is possessed. The only thing to stop the encroaching darkness is to shine some light on it. Will Kyle get to his daughter before Megan hurts her? Read the rest of this entry


Bad Decisions Are “Close To Home” on Outcast


On last week’s episode of Outcast Reverend Anderson was kicked out of his church and, we learned a startling secret from Sidney about the recent possessions. While Kyle searches for Allison, Anderson makes a bad situation hellish. Read the rest of this entry

Marie Gilbert Learns “What Lurks Within” in the Newest Outcast



On last week’s episode of Outcast we realized that Kyle, although a reluctant crusader, might be the only one who can battle the evil invading the town of Rome. This week, we get new insight on Sidney. Read the rest of this entry

The Mark of the Beast is “The Damage Done” on this week’s Outcast


Sometimes, demons go to church, and sometimes, priests are fooled. In last week’s episode of Outcast, Mildred died and Sidney put his mark on Reverend Anderson. There is a battle coming to the town of Rome and the good guys are outnumbered. Can Kyle mend fences with Allison? Will Mark’s poor judgment come back to haunt him? Will the Reverend lose another battle with Sidney?

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“From the Shadows it Watches” on this week’s Outcast


On last week’s episode of Outcast, Reverend Anderson learned firsthand that demons, be it personal or Biblical, are a bitch to get rid of. He’s on a crusade to purge Hell’s hounds from the town of Rome. How do we invite a demon into our towns and our souls?

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“The Road Before Us” is Full Of Evil on Outcast



Last week’s episode of Outcast ended with Kyle and Reverend Anderson racing towards the home of Kyle’s wife and child after learning that Mildred’s exorcism didn’t take. Sometimes, the devil makes you do bad things and sometimes… it’s plain ole human nature. Will Sidney cause more havoc in the town of Rome tonight? Grab that bible and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

Outcast Shows Us “A Wrath Unseen”


On last week’s episode of  Outcast, Mark investigated the area where the mutilated animals were found; Megan is shocked over someone’s return to Rome; and Kyle discovered that not all exorcisms are successful. This week, Reverend Anderson discovers a shocking secret. Read the rest of this entry

I Think We’re “All Alone Now” on Outcast

outcast s01 e03

On last week’s episode of Outcast Kyle was unable to bring his mother back to her pre-possession days; Chief Giles and Mark investigate a rash of animal sacrifices; and a new stranger arrives in town with ties to Hades. This week Kyle and Reverend Anderson are faced with an unusual possession. Read the rest of this entry

It’s a mother and child reunion in the latest episode of Outcast


On the season premiere of Outcast we met the protagonist of Robert Kirkman’s series about a man’s battle with demons and possession. Like this episode’s title, “(I Remember) When She Loved Me,” suggests, Kyle’s childhood really did suck, but there had to be a time before his mom went rabid. What was does Kyle remember? Read the rest of this entry

Marie Gilbert Reviews Robert Kirkman’s Outcast


I’m a big fan of Robert Kirkman and have the honor of doing the weekly reviews of AMC’s The Walking Dead here at Biff Bam Pop! Kirkman has a new show on Cinemax and like TWD, Outcast is based on his comic book series of the same name from Image. While TWD deals with the ever shuffling walkers, Outcast deals with possession. Are demons scarier than walkers? Grab your holy water and find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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