Outrun Collectibles presents Figure Friday: Preorder Madness

This week’s Figure Friday was expected to ship some time in Q2 of 2023. Fortunately for you, it magically appeared at my local Walgreen’s and I was able to bring it to you a year early. Sounds crazy, right? Well that just happens to be some of the wackiness that continues to be happening to collectors as of late. Hasbro has been plagued by inconsistent distribution. Toys that have yet to be officially announced are appearing on store shelves to the delight and frustration of collectors everywhere.

Hasbro has followed a pretty specific business model over the past few years. Fan First Livestreams are used to announce future releases and set expectations for when and where the figures will hit pegs. Those livestreams are usually followed by preorder listings going up on both major retailers and Fan Channel sites (like our friends over at Outrun Collectibles). When the model works, it’s pretty effective. It adds transparency for what figures are coming soon, and allows customers to budget accordingly. When the model doesn’t work, we end up being transported back in time to a day and age devoid of the internet. Mom and Dad would take us to Toys R Us and our minds would be blown by some toy from a movie we had never even heard of. It was fun and exciting! Those feelings are what got most of us into collecting in the first place. Unfortunately, FOMO is a real thing and the second someone snaps a pic of a figure in the wild panic sets in. One person’s celebration is another person’s soap box to bitch about everything wrong with collecting these days. This is not one of those columns. Instead, let’s celebrate some of the more promising figures that we can expect in the (not too distant?) future.

G.I. Joe Classified Zarana

Announced this week, Zarana finally adds to the Dreadnok ranks as well as providing some more female representation in the Classified lineup. The bright pink will add some variety to your Classified shelf. Factor in some good-looking weapon accessories, two head sculpts, double pinless knees and elbows and an exposed midriff and Zarana may just be the best female Classified figure to date. Hopefully this means more Dreadnoks are on the horizon!

G.I. Joe Classified Crimson Guard

Just when you think that you don’t need anymore army builders, Hasbro goes and drops the Crimson Guard. Much like the B.A.T.s that are slowly starting to hit shelves, the Crimson Guard demands to be assembled en masse. The perfect reinforcements for the soon to be released Tomax and Xamot, The Crimson Guard come fully equipped with a sword, knife, sidearm and rifle. The included backpack and scabbard allow for onboard storage, something that the Classified line does really well. My wallet is already tapping out at the thought of a Crimson Guard army.

G.I. Joe Classified Dusty

I always thought it was funny that some Joe’s field of expertise left them on the sidelines for certain missions. Since I wasn’t a beach kid, Dusty never found his way into my team of Joe’s. The Classified Dusty looks a bit more versatile. I have a feeling that he’s going to end up being the darling of many a figure customizer’s eye. He’s generic enough that you could easily troop build him and put some spare heads to use. Don’t want a squad of desert troops? If you want a team of Greenshirts, camouflage is a pretty forgiving paint application for beginners to pull off. If you ever need some pointers, make sure you check out the points of ARTiculation livestream!

Marvel Legends Ravager Thor

There have been several MCU Marvel Legends Thor figures over the years, but Ravager Thor is one of the first to give us a drastically new take on The Odinson. Featuring a red leather vest over a tank top and jeans, Thor looks like he’s ready for a Big Trouble in Little China sequel as opposed to Love and Thunder. Even if he’s only in this outfit for 10 minutes of screentime, Ravager Thor is more than worthy of being added to your collection.

Marvel Legends Mighty Thor

We now have the exact same number of Jane Foster Marvel Legends as Padme Amidala Black Series. Excuse me as I give the Hasbro Black Series Team a hard stare. Mighty Thor does a pretty solid job of delivering on Natalie Portman’s likeness. Anyone looking to recreate a Miss Dior ad in figure form will get some reuse out of the unmasked head. While female MCU figures have a tendency of clogging up pegs, I don’t think that will be the case with this one.

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