Outrun Collectibles presents Figure Friday: Symbiote Spider-Man and Ultimate Wolf Man

You don’t need some fancy photo filter to enjoy the Black and White beauty of Figure Friday this week. We bleed all the color out of the room and take a look at two figures that get it done in monochrome as we review Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man and NECA’s Ultimate Wolf Man.

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Symbiote Spider-Man

Spider-Man gets an all-new look when he finds a sleek black costume in a space shuttle wreck. Little does Spidey realize he’s joined himself to the predatory alien symbiote: Venom!

While I watched all of my friends in the figure community get their hands on the latest Spidey hotness, I tried to soften the FOMO by telling myself: “It can’t be that good.” Well, I was wrong. The hype is real.

Symbiote Spidey is a repaint of the ever popular and highly sought-after Retro Collection Spider-Man. I’m still amazed that figure is worth so much, given how easy he was to find at the time. Had I known then what I know now, I would have grabbed an extra as an investment (and yes, I did buy an extra Symbiote Spidey for just that reason). Hasbro didn’t mess with the formula; they just gave it a simple yet effective paint job. The clean white spider logo pops against the sleek flat black. If you absolutely need an alternate costume on your Spider shelf, this would be it.

Spidey comes with three sets of hands: wall crawlers, fists and thwips. The perfect selection of hands that every single Spider-Man figure should come with. When a figure is this good, you don’t need a ton of accessories. Although I wouldn’t complain if they threw in a web effect.

Let’s face it. If you’re a fan of Spidey and collect Legends, you were already buying this no matter what. It’s a great figure. The design is timeless. It poses like a dream and it’s just plain fun to play with. If you want to try your hand at Figure Photography, this guy will be an ideal muse. Hasbro could release Symbiote Spidey and the Retro Collection Spider-Man on alternating years and fans would still line up to buy them. It would also be a good way to make the line accessible to newcomers without forcing them to pay secondary market prices for figures that every collection deserves.

NECA Ultimate Wolf Man

For the 80th anniversary of Universal’s horror film classic, NECA is excited to reveal The Wolf Man in Ultimate action figure form!

Starring Lon Chaney Jr., 1941’s The Wolf Man is critically acclaimed for Chaney’s moving performance and the special effects. The sculpt captures the human and monster sides of this complicated character with interchangeable heads, hands, and lower legs. The figure stands in 7” scale, features the authorized likeness of Lon Chaney Jr, and also includes wolf cane, animal trap and stand accessories.

Display-friendly window box packaging with opening front flap.

This is the second in the Universal Monsters line of Ultimate figures from NECA. I previously sang the praises of Frankenstein, and I’m happy to report that Wolf Man is another exceptional offering. You basically get 2 figures for the price of one as you can swap out enough parts to get a full Wolf Man or Larry Talbot. You can also mix and match pieces to get some mid transformation looks. The sculpts are perfect in capturing The Wolf Man’s iconic look. It’s amazing how well the likeness has held up all these years. You can put this figure up to just about any of NECAs other horror offerings and Lon Chaney Jr.’s Wolf Man will give them a run for their money in terms of being iconic.

Wolf Man comes packed with a small stand which might come in handy as he doesn’t exactly have flat feet. I was able to get him posed pretty well without the stand, but it took some work. When I have him stored on a shelf, I’ll definitely take advantage of the stand. You also get a wolf cane and a bear trap. Nice additions, but it’s just gravy to go along with such an already great offering.

If you’re a fan of the Universal Monsters, you should be collecting NECAs line. With The Mummy on the horizon, as well as a pretty nifty sarcophagus, I’m eager to see who they offer in the future. As a Creature From the Black Lagoon fan, I’m hopeful we get him sooner as opposed to later, but it’s hard to believe Dracula or Bride of Frankenstein have yet to be revealed. This franchise is a license to print money and if the first two are any indication of what’s to come, I’ll probably try to collect them all.

This Black and White variant of The Wolf Man is part of NECA and Target’s Haulathon which starts today, March 18, 2022. Expect to see several new items both in store and online. If you miss out on the Black and White version, you can grab the color version over at our good friends Outrun Collectibles.

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