The Wednesday Run – October 12, 2011

We’re going all rock ‘n’ roll in our comic book reading this week.

Socio-economic politics! Class warfare! Guitar solos galore! How often do you get to say that when you’re talking comics? I’m betting that it’s not often enough for you music lovers out there…but wait no more! This week sees the release of the eagerly anticipated first issue of Orchid, published by Dark Horse Comics.

Orchid #1
Written by: Tom Morello
Illustrated by: Scott Hepburn
Dark Horse Comics

So, what’s so “rock ‘n’ roll” about Orchid?

How about the fact that it’s conceived and written by Tom Morello, guitarist extraordinaire?!? You may know (and slam-danced to) him from such bands as Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and The Nightwatchman. Now Morello turns his creatively plucky fingers to the comic page.

Orchid is a monthly, sci-fi action-adventure story, about a teenage prostitute who learns that she is far more than what society has imposed upon her. Amidst human settlements surrounded by thick wilderness and genetically mutated animals, the human race is split into two classes: the wealthy and those that the wealthy harvest as slaves.

Just like the bands Morello has contributed too, the futuristic Orchid should prove to have that same biting account of the human condition amidst modern day politics, ethics and norms within its pages. And helping the writer reach those targets is Canadian artist Scott Hepburn, known for his work on Dark Horse’s various Star Wars series of comics. Hepburn’s visual storytelling is crisp and sweeping and full of action – moving the story of the first issue forward at a breakneck pace.

And the coolest thing about Orchid? The one thing that truly makes it a rock ‘n’ roll comic?

Morello is providing a soundtrack to each issue!

Every month, under his The Nightwatchman moniker, Morello, via a download code supplied with each comic, will release a new, corresponding music track at his website:

That’s pretty “effing” cool if you ask me.

So make the run to your local comic shop today and pick up the first issue of Orchid. Then hit The Nightwatchman website for this month’s soundtrack. Comics have never been more rock ‘n’ roll!

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