Survivor 21 – Season Premiere: Pdawg Preps Us

Loyal BIFF BAM POP readers know that I’m a huge Survivor fan. I have watched each and every season and love the dynamics of the game. As we get set to kick-off the 21st instalment of CBS’s hit reality show I wonder how Mark Burnett and the gang can top the last two seasons. One thing is for sure: they will be hard-pressed to find a character as ruthless, interesting and fun to watch as two-time, back-to-back runner-up Russell Hantz.

Rumours circulated over the summer that Russell would be back for a third straight attempt at winning the Survivor title, however, a quick review of the cast at reveals that hidden immunity idols are safe for now. There is still some chatter that Russell and perhaps Boston Rob will show up this season or perhaps in Season 22.

The big ‘twist’, at least for the time being, appears to be Survivor’s move from Thursday nights to Wednesdays (boo) and that the tribes have been initially divided by age – haven’t they done the old vs. young before?

The only recognizable castaway is former NFL coach and TV analyst Jimmy Johnson. It will be interesting to see how the players react to the 67-year-old legend. Clearly he can motivate, but will his fame and fortune get him booted out early? And, more importantly, how will the most famous head of hair in football maintain its form, lustre and helmet-like appearance under the elements?

As I do every season at this time, it is time to pick a pre-season winner. Someone who I think will go all the way and take home the million dollar prize. My pick for Season 21 is Chase Rice. Why? Looks like a nice southern guy, plus he’s athletic and handy. Who knows, he could be first to go.

Cue the music…blow the conch…The Scribe Has Spoken…

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